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Blood Moons and Other Natural Things

When we look at the full spectrum of human life and universal existence, we see over the time of humankind on earth the great influence of nature upon that relatively short span of time.

Taking the Blood Moons as just one example and working back, we know there is a natural phenomenon that causes the moon to take on certain appearances at certain times.  We also know that certain appearances of the moon evoke certain reactions or contribute to the understanding of certain people of events in the movement of humankind through time.  So, the rare occurrence of a Blood Moon Tetrad (or other types of moon configurations and colors) signals a reaction which stems from a belief system, a culture or way of thinking that has been passed down as religious doctrine, historical association or folk lore.

What makes such natural events so intriguing is that there have been and probably will be actual events that coincide with these natural events.  Is this happenstance, religious inflection, nature's actual influence on life or an interpretation of ongoing man-made issues arriving at a certain point in their genesis as natural events arriving at the same time? 

I think if one looks at the development of humankind from small foraging groups to incredibly large, distinct and diverse societies, it is a clue to the dependence of man upon nature for life and guidance.

Earth's creatures preceding man in all likelihood did not look to the sky for signs or guidance.  Once humankind evolved and began to think cognitively, the sky became the mystery it remains today.  Tribes became kingdoms, villages became cities, and soon man was looking to the stars for gods and legends.  The sky influenced seasons, traditions and behavior.  Man moved away from mythology to prophets and from prophets to a singular concept of an all-powerful God, and then to many, many sects that each interpreted that one God differently.

There is a competition of thought or belief, if you will, like money or land or resources, beliefs create lines between people and lines lead to political struggle, prejudice, hatred and war and we still look to the sky for signs of warning and signs of hope.

We have not completely shed our pagan ways.  A Blood Moon in the sky stirs in some emotions, remembrances and fears.  In others, it stirs scientific curiosity.

Nevertheless, one thing it does in all of us, no matter our beliefs or preconceived notions; it makes us look to the sky and wonder.

Photo credit: "lunar eclipse of 10-27-04" - the blood moon by Peter Gustafson, Colorado
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