Sunday, April 13, 2014

Game of Thrones:The Death of the King

Nicole Richards-Sharpe

Spoiler Alert!
If you have not seen tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, read no further.

Tonight, the moment I have been waiting for, and no doubt, every other GOT addict, has finally happened. It might sound heartless and vile but the king of Westeros, King Joffrey, is finally dead; by poisoning no less.  I have thought about this day and how it would play out.  Tonight took me by surprise though, as so many moments have in the Game of Thrones tradition.  Being unable to predict outcomes is one of the many great features of the series. 

At last, a murderous, cowardly and abusive character that is deserving of all the evil he has dished out, is killed. Now the question is, who dun it?  For the moment, his uncle, Lord Tyrion Lannister was seized as the murderer but I don't think he is guilty.

There are a host of characters who fit the description.  My line up of suspects are as follows:

1) Shae
 90 percent of me believes that Tyrion's former whore turned Love of his Life, is the culprit.  She has a fiery disposition that can not be quenched.  Even Tyrion didn't believe that she went quietly on the boat that he prepared to send her away on. For her to leave, she would have to go out with a bang.  Poisoning the king and having Tyrion's head roll for the murder would be the perfect revenge for a woman scorned.

2) The former Knight forced to be the king's fool-I don't know his name but he has an axe to grind on Joffrey's head for stripping his noble title as Knight and forcing him to be his fool, subjected to his abuse in front of throngs of mocking idiots.  In the last episode, he returned to give Sansa a beautiful heirloom necklace for saving his life from Joffrey.  In an earlier episode, Joffrey forced him to drink wine to his death until Sansa stepped in and stopped it.  In tonight's episode, immediately after Joffrey dies, he shows up to offer Sansa safe passage away from King's Landing. Suspect...

3) Sansa
 She has many reasons to get rid of Joffrey, including beheading her father and forcing her to stare at the head as it rotted on a spike in the heat of the day. Also, being a conspirator in the murder of her mother, brother and his pregnant wife at the infamous "Red Wedding". 

4) Arya 
Let us not forget the young dire wolf who has a very peculiar friend (indebted to her for saving his life) with the power to kill at her will. In the last episode, she whispered the name of her next victim for him to take care of as she did twice before.  This was inaudible, which leads me to believe that Joffrey was that name. 

5) Prince Oberyn of House Martel

He took his brother's invitation to Joffrey's wedding and basically crashed it.  Every moment he got to speak, he spewed hatred for the Lannister's for killing his young Targaryan niece and nephew.  Unknown to him, his niece, Danerys is still alive and well across the Narrow sea.  His "Hotspur" like spirit and thirst for vengeance dominates every scene he is a part of.

Although there are many who would love to see Joffrey dead, these are my suspects.  And The Game continues...

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