Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And the Award Goes To....

We called it! For the most part, the Verbal Honey editors called the winners from the major categories at this year's Academy Awards.  12 Years a Slave won for best picture and Director Steve McQueen literally jumped for joy.  Lupita Nyong'o won for best supporting actress.  There was no competition for Lupita in that category.  Jared Leto transformed himself in his realistic, heart wrenching portrayal of an AIDS ravaged transvestite and for this, he deserved the best supporting actor award.  His big screen cohort Matthew MacConaughey won the big award for best actor as we thought he would.  I would have loved for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win his Oscar but sadly, it eluded him once again.  Don't worry for Leo though.  He earns more per film than most Oscar winners.  He earned $50 million for The Wolf of Wall Street. And he also received the Verbal Honey Bee so he will be just fine.

The only category that we at VH did not call was Best Actress.  Cate Blanchett beat out our pick, Sandra Bullock but from what I hear, it was a well deserved win.  We didn't have the pleasure of seeing Blue Jasmine (but maybe one day, someone would be kind enough to send us to all of the movies so we could sit comfortably with a laptop in review heaven all day...hint...hint).

This Academy Awards show was actually the best I have ever seen and I have never missed an awards show since I was a toddler.  And for this, the biggest award for the evening went to Ellen, for being the best host ever.  Her antics of buying pizza from a real local pizzeria and sharing it out to A-list celebrities was classic.  And her ingenious idea of the impromptu Selfie, photo bombed by the Beautiful People that "broke" twitter as she put it, was absolutely entertaining.  Who would have thunk it? Ellen.  And the best part is, unlike her stuffy predecessors over the years who set out to wow and amaze with over the top performances, Ellen is simple and free.  She has the knack for creating a comfortable atmosphere ripe for organic entertainment.

Next year, you never know, the VH Editors might be in the Oscar audience passing pizzas and taking Selfies with the rest of them. 

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