Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is here so get Coat!

Ahhhhhhhhh....Mother Nature.

Spring is here and it is still ((Brrrrrrr)) outside. You've just gotta love Mother Nature's sense of humor.

May the spirit of spring and all things brand new bring you a multitude of blessings and happiness.

Welcome Spring!!

Photo: "Spring" by Radoslava Todorova

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Foggy Tuesday

Time sprung forward last week and my mind is still in a fog. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Don't forget to wear GREEN today because...

Gra' agus Suiamhneas  
(A wish of love and peace on this St. Patrick's Day.)

More about St. Patrick's Day
Photo "Irish at Guinness Museum" by Mark McGrath, Barrie, Canada

It's HOLI - Let Celebrate

Wishing everyone a Happy and Colorful (rainbow filled) HOLI.

Holi Dates
Festival of Colors 
What is HOLI 

1st Photo "Paint People" by Shadow 567
2nd Photo "Natural Dry Pigments" by Nikita Golovanov, Moscow

Monday, March 10, 2014

WINE and War

Such an interesting little book..........

When one looks at commercial wine that is available to us in the US, and even our California and Long Island wines, to just briefly review what is produced in France is mind boggling.  Some 7 to 8 billion bottles of wine are produced every year.

There are 56 varieties of wine grapes in France, produced in 17 regions from the German border to the borders of Italy and Spain.  So you can just imagine the many varieties of wine within the many varieties.

Only 30 percent of French wine is white, and I think most people associate French wine as something red poured from a dark green bottle.

And for the French (and perhaps as a word to the wise) the experience of drinking wine is not just the wine itself, although that can be quite an experience.  For the French what you have with the wine, in terms of food and personal company, can make an ordinary wine extraordinary, and that says a lot for their views on life.

As the book illustrates, had the French put in the effort to protect the Maginot Line from the Germans that they put into protecting their wine after Paris fell, they would have won the war before it began.

Nevertheless, I raise a glass to them for this story, for it highlighted how far a way of life will go to preserve itself against even brute force and near ruin.  

For such history inspires in all of us the goal of a life where a glass of wine, a good meal and good company can trump our daily fears and stresses, and can leave us to our whimsical thoughts and dreams.

We only pass this way once after all.................L.S.

Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France's Greatest Treasure written by the Kladstrups is available on Amazon

Photo "Wine Rack 2" by MaarteenVan Bemmel

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And the Award Goes To....

We called it! For the most part, the Verbal Honey editors called the winners from the major categories at this year's Academy Awards.  12 Years a Slave won for best picture and Director Steve McQueen literally jumped for joy.  Lupita Nyong'o won for best supporting actress.  There was no competition for Lupita in that category.  Jared Leto transformed himself in his realistic, heart wrenching portrayal of an AIDS ravaged transvestite and for this, he deserved the best supporting actor award.  His big screen cohort Matthew MacConaughey won the big award for best actor as we thought he would.  I would have loved for Leonardo DiCaprio to finally win his Oscar but sadly, it eluded him once again.  Don't worry for Leo though.  He earns more per film than most Oscar winners.  He earned $50 million for The Wolf of Wall Street. And he also received the Verbal Honey Bee so he will be just fine.

The only category that we at VH did not call was Best Actress.  Cate Blanchett beat out our pick, Sandra Bullock but from what I hear, it was a well deserved win.  We didn't have the pleasure of seeing Blue Jasmine (but maybe one day, someone would be kind enough to send us to all of the movies so we could sit comfortably with a laptop in review heaven all day...hint...hint).

This Academy Awards show was actually the best I have ever seen and I have never missed an awards show since I was a toddler.  And for this, the biggest award for the evening went to Ellen, for being the best host ever.  Her antics of buying pizza from a real local pizzeria and sharing it out to A-list celebrities was classic.  And her ingenious idea of the impromptu Selfie, photo bombed by the Beautiful People that "broke" twitter as she put it, was absolutely entertaining.  Who would have thunk it? Ellen.  And the best part is, unlike her stuffy predecessors over the years who set out to wow and amaze with over the top performances, Ellen is simple and free.  She has the knack for creating a comfortable atmosphere ripe for organic entertainment.

Next year, you never know, the VH Editors might be in the Oscar audience passing pizzas and taking Selfies with the rest of them. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fancy Schmancy Fashion

VSJ Original 1999
Madame American Starlet: I wouldn't be caught dead in that - well at least not tonight!!

Seasoned Stylist (Exasperated with French Accent) : Oui Madame, mais...we have looked at over 100 dresses, what exactly are you looking for?

Madame American Starlet (Southern Drawl):  Well, I want it to be elegant but different, on trend but not common, memorable but not ugly, simple but not boring, modern but classic, bold but subdued, easy to walk in and not wrinkle when I sit, flattering to my body shape and coloring. Do you understand? I need to be on the best dressed list!! Oh and have pockets - very important!

Seasoned Stylist: d'accord...sigh!

What will we see tonight at the Oscars?
Bold Bright Colors, Yellow, Orange, ORCHID -Black and White - We know the Cobalt and Cherry colors are a definite. Will anyone dare to go with Tribal Patterns, Geometric or Artistic Abstracts? Please leave the Animal Print home - Floral - YES I am hopeful - the younger ladies can pull this off! Lace? Gold? or any Metallic for that matter - Pleating - ahhh yes - soft symmetry, long lines - mathematics people!!

Hair - Safe to say Sleek and Straight,  Bobs, Braids and Waves are always in - suppose the trends will all get a pass.

Make-Up - all I ask is that they are able to move their face and lips - too much is just too much.

Bling - must have from head to toe.

Her Date: Suit - can't go wrong - lol - If they are bold enough - maybe Asger Juel Larsen!*

I know we will see the usual Valentino, Oscar, Givenchy, Balmain, Carolina Herrera, Armani, Versace, Reem Acra and the list goes on - you know who you are - but would love to see designers like Clover Canyon, Dion Lee, Dennis Basso and Charlotte Licha.

Shout OUT and totally unrelated:
Altuzarra - I love your coats!!!!!
*Where are the Scandinavians???

The Verbal Honey Bee vs The Oscar

Oscar drenched in honey
We at Verbal Honey are always excited when Oscar season begins.  And when it culminates with the red carpet and Academy Awards show, we're glued to the television from beginning to end. But before it begins, there is another noteworthy awards segment - The 1st Annual Verbal Honey Awards, where our favorite performances receive the coveted Verbal Honey Bee!

Below are the nominees for all major categories, our Verbal Honey Bee winners and our predictions for the Oscar. Check them out:

Best Picture Nominees
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years A Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to:  12 Years A Slave
Our Oscar Prediction: 12 Years A Slave

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Christian Bale
Bruce Dern
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Matthew MacConaughey

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to:  Leonardo DiCaprio
Our Oscar Prediction:  Matthew MacConaughey

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Amy Adams
Cate Blanchett
Judy Dench
Meryl Streep
Sandra Bullock

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to: Sandra Bullock
Our Oscar Prediction:  Sandra Bullock

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Barkhad Abdi
Bradley Cooper
Michael Fassbender
Jonah Hill
Jared Leto

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to: Jared Leto
Our Oscar Prediction: Jared Leto

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Sally Hawkins
Jennifer Lawrence
Lupita Nyong'o
Julia Roberts
June Squibb

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to:  Lupita Nyong'o
Our Oscar Prediction:  Lupita Nyong'o

Best Animated Feature
The Croods
Despicable Me
Ernest and Celestine
The Wind Rises

The Verbal Honey Bee Goes to: Frozen
Our Oscar Prediction: Frozen

We hope you enjoyed our 1st Annual Verbal Honey Bee Awards segment. Now let's see if our Oscar predictions are on the honey (I mean money). Enjoy!