Sunday, February 23, 2014


Nicole Richards-Sharpe

I finally saw the Disney film, Frozen. Now I understand what the buzz is all about.  I wasn't expecting this Hans Christian Andersen adaptation of the beloved, "The Snow Queen", to be so perfectly handled to be relevant for contemporary times.  Disney artists have been proven to be of the best but Frozen is a gem. Thus the reason it has already won prestigious awards and is nominated for a host of Academy Awards including Best Animated Feature Film and Best Song for "Let It Go".

Frozen follows the life of the free-spirited Princess Anna and her older sister Princess Elsa who possesses a great power that she doesn't know how to control.  Fear causes her parents to treat her natural gift as a curse and encourage her to do whatever it takes to hide it.  Elsa, who originally was a happy-go-lucky child herself, grows to hate and fear her powers and herself and agrees to shut herself away from other humans, including her little sister Anna.

Frozen has quickly become a beloved film by many (over 100 million views for the clip above) because it tackles human themes that prevail. Lack of self-confidence, fear of self; hatred of self; fear of success; discouragement.  This film, with its superb writing and infectious score will whisk you away from your world for a moment and remind you of the power or talent(s)you possess, whatever they may be.  It will remind you that you were made special and against what your personal critics might say, you are here to stay.  Be Yourself, Let your Light Shine, Stand and Let It Go!

You will not be disappointed when you see Frozen.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Night Gripe

by Nicole Richards-Sharpe

For anyone who is familiar with NYC traffic, you know it is packed with the most impatient, risk-taking drivers who simply defy rules and are driven by the need to achieve a one up, over their fellow road runners as often as possible.  Sometimes pedestrians are their "forks in the road", that get in the way.

Such is what happened to me tonight.  Why did I get the munchies and have to walk out in the cold just for a bag of Tostitos?  After picking them up from my local pharmacy, I started to return back home and waited for the light to change. I had the right of way, so I crossed the street and out of no where, a man driving a big SUV starts honking his horn for me to get out of his way so he could make his left turn. You would think his wife was in labor or he was bleeding profusely from a fresh gun shot wound and he was only trying to get to the hospital. No! He had to pull into the corner store because God forbid anyone buy that last honey bun!

I usually ignore these people but I was burning up inside and since I literally had to walk past him, I couldn't help but say something.

"So you had to almost hit me with your SUV so you could get right here? I applaud you!" Then I started clapping, a slow condescending clap. 

"No No. It wasn't like that.  I had the right of way."

"I am the pedestrian, I had the right of way."

"Well I beeped you."

I felt like I was speaking to a kid that was just learning how to ride a tricycle.  Could he really be so dense?

"People really need to stop buying their licenses." 

All the while I was walking away from him.  He started behind me. 

"Wait. Let me talk to you." He said.

"No thanks.  I'm done. Thank God, I'm alive." 

Well, that's my Sunday night gripe. Good night.