Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Does Beauty Makes Us Cry?

It is not for sadness that we cry,
But for the rush of joy before our eyes.

It is the head and the heart and the soul,
Knowing our emotions have reached a goal.

For so is beauty that it makes us do,
That which makes our tears come through.

Whether it is music, words or the smile of a friend,
It is all beauty and it moves us in the end.

To care, to love, to cherish or to truly know,
There is emotion brought by beauty’s glow.

Though we fight our feelings ever so,
Pure beauty allows tears of joy to flow.

Be it a child, a poem, a sound or a face and eyes,
There is such beauty here as to fill the skies.

Beauty can be as simple as a memory sublime,
Or the singular peace of the passage of time.

We well up at what seems like the silliest thought,
Embarrassed by ourselves when we had not ought.

When we find it in a friend, in words or a song,
Our tears show us life in the place where it belongs.                     

LS Photo: "Hope" by digital_a, Oman

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A cloud descends upon us
Our world closes in
We look to see but see we can't
For the space for light is thin
Dark figures walk about
Slowly moving past
They are all the same
No shadows do they cast
The fog a simple canvas
Blankets all and is so vast
Nothing in motion
Nothing moving fast
As light fights through
Trees stand out in the view less view
Majestic and silent
Their colorless color shining through