Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck as the New Batman?!!!

Nicole Richards-Sharpe

It's my worst nightmare come true!  I hoped beyond hope that Christian Bale would return as Batman in a film with the new Superman but no $$$$ in the world would move the actor.  I was hoping that they would choose an actor who was at least a close 2nd.  It was difficult for me to envision anyone else in that iconic black suit.  I even considered Ryan Goseling.

But Ben Affleck?!!! The man who destroyed the character of Daredevil?!!!  Imagining Affleck in another tight suit is not something I ever wanted to do again.   This is a travesty.  It's not about his body because anyone could be made to look Hollywood buff.  Affleck's acting is not up to par; Especially not for a dynamic superhero character who exudes deep darkness but yet is ruthless in his dealings with bad guys as he obsessively protects his fellow man; one who possesses a stoic, otherworldly heroic stance and a unmistakable swagger and high likeability quotient.  This is not Ben Affleck.  This is a sad day in Gotham City!


Anonymous said...

Fear not - if the movie is bad enough, they'll have to make another, yet better casted one, to pay the bills...........!


by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

I like that; Optimistically looking to the future. :-) I truly think Affleck wants to prove to us all that he can do better than Daredevil. I think he will try his best but it won't pan out. Henry Cavill as Superman will end up overshadowing him and that balance that the two opposite heroes are supposed to have will not be translated through the film.