Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Rise of the Pink Full Moon

Writer Nicole Richards-Sharpe

"The Rise of the Pink Full Moon".  It sounds like a movie but it may very well be more exciting since the appearance of this type of moon is so special.  In a cosmic coincidence, the April full moon coincides almost minute to minute with the first lunar eclipse of the year.  In addition, Saturn will shine super close to our moon; about 4 degrees from it.

Tonight, according to NASA, if you are in Europe, Africa, central Asia or western Australia, you will witness this event. Sorry Western Hemisphere-ers.  The moon won't necessarily appear pink in color though.  North American aboriginal peoples named this April moon such after a type of wildflower that blooms around this time of year.  This helped to identify the launch of spring. Some coastal tribes refer to it as the fish moon because it coincided with the shad fish swimming upstream.  It goes by other colorful names such as the Seed Moon, Growing Moon and Sprouting Grass Moon. 

Whatever you prefer to call it, it will be an interesting event to watch.  Good news!  Those in the Western Hemisphere might not be fortunate enough to see this celestial show with the naked eye but you will have the luxury of sitting in the comfort of your own home while sipping on pink champagne and pink lemonade as you watch the phenomenon unfold online.  Check out these sites and Enjoy!

Illustration from The Christian Science Monitor

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