Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Rise of the Pink Full Moon

Writer Nicole Richards-Sharpe

"The Rise of the Pink Full Moon".  It sounds like a movie but it may very well be more exciting since the appearance of this type of moon is so special.  In a cosmic coincidence, the April full moon coincides almost minute to minute with the first lunar eclipse of the year.  In addition, Saturn will shine super close to our moon; about 4 degrees from it.

Tonight, according to NASA, if you are in Europe, Africa, central Asia or western Australia, you will witness this event. Sorry Western Hemisphere-ers.  The moon won't necessarily appear pink in color though.  North American aboriginal peoples named this April moon such after a type of wildflower that blooms around this time of year.  This helped to identify the launch of spring. Some coastal tribes refer to it as the fish moon because it coincided with the shad fish swimming upstream.  It goes by other colorful names such as the Seed Moon, Growing Moon and Sprouting Grass Moon. 

Whatever you prefer to call it, it will be an interesting event to watch.  Good news!  Those in the Western Hemisphere might not be fortunate enough to see this celestial show with the naked eye but you will have the luxury of sitting in the comfort of your own home while sipping on pink champagne and pink lemonade as you watch the phenomenon unfold online.  Check out these sites and Enjoy!

Illustration from The Christian Science Monitor

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Out of the Cave!

Writer Nicole Richards Sharpe

"Are you better off now than you were 4 million years ago?" This is the tagline of America's #1 family film to date, "The Croods", another DreamWorks Animation work of art. Actors Emma Stone, Nicholas Cage and Ryan Reynolds, among others, lend their voices and their personalities to the colorful prehistoric characters.

I laughed throughout the entire film. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. My intention was to simply entertain my daughter who started showing symptoms of Spring Break Antzy Fever.  If left untreated, it could lead to brooding.  So I packed up some treats and met with Epiphany and her kids, who were also exhibiting signs and we headed to the movie theater.  She and I were both astounded at how entertaining the film was.  Not only was it hilarious, it forced you to think.

Without giving away too much of "The Croods", their cave was their safe haven.  It was the one form of protection that preserved their lives as opposed to their neighbors'.  The over-protective father played by Nicholas Cage, heavily relied on their cave to keep them safe.  Although they were alive, as the teenaged daughter played by Emma Stone said, they weren't "Alive".

Do you feel that way sometimes? Sitting at a comfortable administrative job with medical benefits that is not your dream career of museum curator.  Pursuing a degree because it would lead to a more lucrative job as a financial advisor as opposed to your dream of clam digging.  Staying on the block you grew up on because the rent is super low although you want to venture into another state or even another country.

Whatever your cave may be, identify it and just go.  You might be fearful of the world that awaits you out there but at least its not a volcanic, earthquakey mess filled with prehistoric carnivorous plants and animals as big as houses waiting to devour you.  Relax and take that first step.  And go see "The Croods"!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Always Sunny...

Writer Nicole Richards Sharpe aka "Ambrosia"

Do you realize that every day is a Sunny Day?  The Sun is always out.  It doesn’t go anywhere. Yes, scientists theorize that the Sun is in a binary orbit with a lesser star but the Earth travels in time as it revolves around it, so the Sun really is constant.  It doesn’t set or rise. The Earth spins on its orbit and we perceive the Sun setting and rising. At night, the sun is still there, lending its light to the moon.  On a cloudy day, the sun is still there.  It’s our perception of clouds that get in the way of us seeing the sun but the sun is still there.  I might sound like a vinyl record stuck on a vintage record player’s pin but do you get my point?  Our perception of the absence of the sun gets in the way of us seeing the sun that is ever present.  Just because we don’t see something with our natural eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.       
We can adopt this outlook when it comes to the daily pressures of life too.  It might seem dreary and cloudy at times but try not to perceive it as eternally gray.  Know that the Sun is there; ready to shine its rays upon you if you only see beyond the present.  Unlike the song from Annie, the sun is always out, yesterday, today and tomorrow. 
So the next time you look through the window or at your life and see a bunch of menacing cumulonimbus clouds coming your way, know that the Sun is in fact there.  You just have to change your perception.  
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