Saturday, March 16, 2013

Isn’t it or not it isn’t?

Double talk and rivalry in Ancient Egypt...
Isis meets with Itis and Isit, who are always giving Itit a hard time about his name.  Isis has the power to solve the problem between Itit, Isit and Itis.  But Itis and Isit both think they also have the power to deal with the situation.

Itis and Isit talk about their powers, and Isit thinks it is the same, while Itis says doubtfully “Is it”? 

“It is or it is not” says Isit. 
“Don’t you mean “Is it or not it is?” says Itis.  And this is how it goes.

Isis meanwhile asks Itit if his relationship with Isit and Itis is problematic.  To which Itit replies “It is”! 

“Why is it?” asks Isis. 
“It is because of Itis and Isit, and that is it” Itit says.

“Well,” said Isis, “if it is then why is it?”

“OK.” Itit replies, “Here it is!”.  “You being Isis are a goddess.  Itis and Isit are not, but they think they are better that me because their names make sense and mine does not.”

“Is that all it is?” says Isis.  “Do you think Isis was an easy name to have at first; so many mispronunciations and all.”  I had to work to get people to say it as ‘Ice is’.  Why couldn’t we do something with Itit?”

“It is a tricky set of letters you know”, said Itit.  I mean, someone once suggested I pronounce it ‘I tee it’, which would prove the point Isit and Itis are always making. And, it could even be worse you know.”

“Ah, yes, I can see that it could” says Isis.  “Why not pronounce it ‘It i ty’?” Isis suggested.  “It sounds kind of official.” “That might do it!” says Itit. 

Isis told Isit and Itis about it and they had more respect for Itit now.  So that is the solution then, isn’t it or not it isn’t?


Photo: Dendara by Martyn E. Jones, UK

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