Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day!

Writer Nicole Richards Sharpe aka "Ambroisa"

Rise and Shine!  Today is International Women's Day!  Never mind the Noreaster on the East Coast, today is a special day and an opportunity to honor the special ladies in your life.  Your mom, grandma, auntie, daughter, the love of your life, the little old lady who's been that familiar face at your local bakery forever, let them all know how much you appreciate them. 

All over the world, events are taking place today.  I have attached a link below from which will take you straight to the event page.  One of the events that stood out the most for me is a simple yet compelling one - Take a picture of one of your stilletos and post it.  I just realized the wordplay in stilletos - (There are still toes?).  At one point in our lives, most women have worn one of those self-effacing foot contraptions at least once in our lives.  Stilletos, according to the site, represent a woman's life - Struggling through the challenges life hurls at her while making it look simple (and looking pretty doing it).  Or some people can take it as, society's obsession with a woman having to look beautiful even if it kills her!

Above, I posted a pic of my high-heeled pink friday nightmares.  They are beautiful to look at.  Together they almost look like a heart. Awwwwww. But I must admit, I have had those numbers for about 4 years and have worn them but twice and each time, I automatically transformed into a hunter, using my 20/20's in a dimly lit venue to stake out available chairs.  That's no way to enjoy an evening, believe me. 

Feel free to post yours here in the comment area and/or on the site below.

Whatever you decide to do today in honor of International Women's Day, make it sweet. Make it funny.  Make it memorable.  :-)

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Anonymous said...

“The fact that you wake up in the morning, shows that God is not done with you – follow you dreams” – Steve Harvey

Happy Internationals Women’s Day!!