Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Midnight Winter's Dream

Writer Nicole Richards Sharpe aka "Ambrosia"
Have you ever had a dream that keeps you up at night?  Not the sugar plums dancing around your head or that one where you're out of breath running for your life to find out later that nothing is behind you.  I'm speaking of that dream, that goal that you have always had that just won't leave you alone.  That thing that makes you happy.

Thus the reason I am up at 1:30am.  I have two dreams that tag team me and sometimes join forces to knock me on my head when I am not attending to them.  And a friend named Epiphany who hits me on the head with her energy-efficient light bulbs now and again.

How do you know what your dream is?  When you can see yourself doing it easily, well past 5:00pm on a weekday and Saturdays and Sundays.  That's passion. That's your dream.  And that dream should be your goal.

My advice to myself and to you?  Stop sitting on your dreams.  Get up and open the door and let them breathe.  Let them live! Against all odds, you can do it!  Dreaming the dream is the start.  Living the dream is the goal!  And get some sleep in between.

Ambrosia says, "Don't forget to turn your clocks forward." :-)


Anonymous said...

One of the secrets to bringing our dreams to life is getting past those people in our way who have none! L.S.

by Ambrosia and Epiphany said...

I love it!!!! So True!!!