Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"And So It Goes With God" - Life of Pi

Writer Nicole Richards Sharpe aka "Ambrosia"

The film, Life of Pi, is based on the award winning novel of the same name by Yann Martel.  Ang Lee's directorial adaptation though is purely masterful.  Visually it is unadulterated moving art.  The story centers around the life of a young man, Piscene Patel or Pi for short whose search for God began at a very young age.  This role is played wonderfully by Suraj Sharma and then Irrfan Khan as the adult Pi. The adult Pi retells his story to a local novelist who is interested in a good story.  What he gets is more than a good story.  It is a life changing adventure that will have you look at your life through a different lens. 

When the boat that Pi's family is traveling on is shipwrecked, he is forced to survive on his own, drifting across the Pacific Ocean for months with a Bengal tiger from his parent's zoo named Richard Parker as his companion.  The story behind the tiger's name is interesting too. 

There are many analogies to life and humanity vs. animalism throughout the film.  Pi finds himself alone on the large lonely, frightening ocean of life.  Sometimes the ocean gives and sometimes it takes away.  The after effect of Pi's suffering is beauty; beauty of realization; beauty of the Creator.  Ang Lee did a terrific job weaving two thought provoking story lines together.  Your belief system will guide you as to which story you choose to believe.  I don't want to give away too much information for those who have yet to see the movie but I urge you to run out and see it in theaters where you will be able to experience all of its extraordinary elements to the fullest.

When the adult Pi ends his story, the novelist is dumbfounded.  Pi asks him, "Which story do you prefer?"  When the novelist chooses, Pi smiles and says very guru-like, "And so it goes with God".  Life of Pi is a must see.   

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