Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nothing We Can Say

There is nothing we can ever say,
That can ever change that horrible day.

When such precious lives were taken away,
By the mad man’s war gun spray.

Innocents in a safe place to learn and play,
Now in memorial pictures on display.

And the teachers not thinking of unions or pay,
Giving up their lives to get in the shooter’s way.

There are no words to secure or for fear to allay,
There is only getting by now from each day to each day.

So many will seek a healing message to portray,
What we need for all our children is to love, live and pray.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Mayan!

                                  We’ve come to the end of another long year,

                             Which usually brings with it such good cheer.

                             But there are concerns in the air I hear,

                             As the end of an ancient calendar draws near.

                             Should we stop what we’re doing to get it in gear,

                             Or just take time to take time with those so dear?

                             Will some be so concerned as to fall on their spears,

                             While all others can muster is a few final tears.

                             We know by now that all is not what it appears,

                             The future will be the future; that is clear.

                             I think the day after we’ll all still be here,

                             And they’ll be one less Mayan legend to fear!