Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seven Days After Sandy

It has been about seven days since Hurricane Sandy hit us in the Tri-State area with record winds and surges.  Meterologists warned of Sandy's impending fury but I understand that most who were inconvenienced by Irene, last year's much tamer storm, did not prepare for Sandy; a storm which was really a monster comprising of a cold front from the North, a cold front from the West and of course the hurricane which originated in the Caribbean.  Coincidentally, the strong pull of a full moon added to the injuriousness of the storm surges which really caused most of the destruction that we see today.  It was truly the Perfect Storm in terms of its ingenuity.

The aftermath of Sandy is reminiscent of Katrina, a name that still evokes anxiousness in everyone.  I remember when reporters were stationed in various locations where Sandy was projected to hit the hardest.  On Sunday morning, October 28th, in downtown Manhattan by the Hudson River, a man wandered up to a reporter on ABC news.  I shouldn't say that he wandered because he was deliberate in his plight of getting close to the reporter.  He introduced himself as a storm chaser who has been in the business of chasing storms for over 20 years.  I could never understand why people chase storms.  In my opinion, it was a totally ridiculous "profession". Thus my attention waned and I started to walk away from the television. He was poised yet the urgency in his voice was unmistakeable.  "I have never seen anything like this!  This is going to be just like Katrina!"

There goes that Red Flag word - Katrina.  My attention reignited. The reporter quickly pulled the microphone away from him and shut him down by saying, "We have experts on the job sir who are on top of Hurricane Sandy..."  When she tossed the story back to Lee Goldberg in the weather center, he admitted to knowing the gentleman and he confirmed his credentials.  At the moment, something told me to prepare for this storm.  I immediately cleared my schedule and ran out to get the supplies I didn't get the day before. 

Sandy surely did mirror Katrina.  Levees were broken, houses were demolished, people were trapped in their homes and in their cars, waters are undrinkable, shortage of food, gas, power outages...Now the recovery process is raising the death toll to over 100 in New York alone.

Our heart goes out to everyone who has experienced loss.  If you are looking for ways to help those in need (and they are many) please refer to the CNN link below.  You will see various ways that you can be of assistance.  From giving blood, food, water to being of assistance to children and pets, this is an opportunity for you to make a difference.

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