Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Your Eyes...

Your eyes are your window on the universe and my window to your soul.
It is a special privilege to each day see from my perspective, their perspective.
The color does not matter; they are every color and beautiful.
They are deep but transparent, and they hold mystery.
Your eyes lend joy, care, love, sadness and worry,
but they are steady in their honesty and they have no time or place.
They are always and forever.
Your eyes were the first thing I ever noticed about you and
will be the last thing I see when we see each other last.
Your eyes set the tone for your beauty.
While they direct your smile and the joy you project,
I’m sure they are home to your uncertainty and  its associated quiet.
A constant positive message pours out from them,
but at moments of deep thought or day dreaming
the glimmer of struggles past can’t be hidden.
It does not last, but it does shape the complete story
of a completely special person.
Your eyes help you paint the pictures of images and words you do so well.
They portray a daughter, mother, wife and friend;
giving nothing away that’s not intended.
Your eyes have seen more than they will ever say and look for things still to be found.
They assert intelligence, grace and kindness, and more than hint of intrigue.
And there is great humor that they share.
I can’t know all that is behind your eyes.
I can only imagine it is very much like what I see looking in a mirror.
But I find comfort in them, guidance, reassurance and light.
I am so thankful for your gift of sight.

Photo entitled "Eye" by Bonvivant (Bermuda)

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