Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Before I Met YOU!


                             Before I met you, I must have known you,
                             For our meeting made so much come true.

                             Could it be that we know the moment we see,
                             That face in the crowd is that friend to be?

                             If we were to pass on by and miss the mark,
                             Would our present sense catch the spark?

                             Should destiny be what really leads the way,
                             And we need only wait for the meeting day?

                             So much can go wrong as we walk the path,
                             That the game of chance becomes the math.

                             Maybe it’s not the meeting that is a means to an end,
When we meet that person who becomes a friend.


This poem was inspired by the 60 minutes piece on Face Blindness. Here is the link to when everyone is a stranger
We, who see the beauty in another's face are so fortunate.