Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Friendship Never Changes

Dear Friend
 If you catch my lingering glance from time to time,
It is only because to you beauty has been most kind.
If a word you say or phrase stays on my mind,
It is because your words are poetry and rhyme.
When I hear your voice, no matter where,
It is as if there is music in the air.
How wonderful it is that I should be,
A friend to you and you to me.

Life has its many curves and bends,
And the struggles in it seem to never end.
But it is so nice for me to have a friend,
On whom I can most truly depend.
There are others in our lives and loves,
Surely some below and some above.

I wish I could easily exclaim just how I feel,
Words can’t explain but silence won’t conceal.
There is something special in it, that is all I know,
I am so very thankful and not afraid to show.
The joy it brings each time I get the chance to say,
Good morning dear friend, how are you today?

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