Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Are you Brave enough??

My daughter and I saw “Brave” last weekend and hopefully by now you have too. The latest Pixar installment turned out to be a movie about a mother and daughter and their constant struggle to do what they feel in their hearts to be right. This movie stayed with me, so I must comment.
My daughter loves archery and she could not wait for this movie to open. Adventure was our heroine's middle name. Without giving too much of the movie away (in case you haven't seen it), I must say - I was very impressed. It was not your everyday, typical "Princess finds Charming" movie, but a modern independent spirit living life out loud.

The wild fiery red hair prevelant in the film was a simple metaphor, not the only for beast in need of taming, but the adventurous nature in all of us. The Scottish Highlands a backdrop of the twists and turns in our psyche and the boisterious clans exclaiming our need to be number one.

This film was an excellent example love enduring, parental nuturing and knowing in your heart who and when to trust. We all have the right anwers within, but our nature is to deny its course. This movie reminded me that the hearts of children are pure and with that comes our role to love, teach and guide them but nothing more.
Just call me Mrs. Mor’du, as I would go to great lenghts to protect my babies and my family. But last weekend, after seeing this movie, I was a proud Momma Bear who enjoyed a relaxing day out with her cub.

Last Note: Although following the whisps led our heroine Merida to unexpected and dangerous places, it was a major metaphor for following your heart and destiny winning everytime.

I hope you get a chance to see Brave - Enjoy!!


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

True Friendship Never Changes

Dear Friend
 If you catch my lingering glance from time to time,
It is only because to you beauty has been most kind.
If a word you say or phrase stays on my mind,
It is because your words are poetry and rhyme.
When I hear your voice, no matter where,
It is as if there is music in the air.
How wonderful it is that I should be,
A friend to you and you to me.

Life has its many curves and bends,
And the struggles in it seem to never end.
But it is so nice for me to have a friend,
On whom I can most truly depend.
There are others in our lives and loves,
Surely some below and some above.

I wish I could easily exclaim just how I feel,
Words can’t explain but silence won’t conceal.
There is something special in it, that is all I know,
I am so very thankful and not afraid to show.
The joy it brings each time I get the chance to say,
Good morning dear friend, how are you today?

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hype Hype and more Hype!  These are the first words that came to mind as I sat for over 2 hours trying to understand why I paid to see a movie that was at best, a long drawn out preview for five other movies I have seen before.  At least the five other movies had a beginning, a middle and an end.  Prometheus, a Ridley Scott film, had gaping holes that exposed it as nothing more than an empty space surrounded by a crust of hype.  I wish I could go into detail, but for the sake of those who have not seen Prometheus and are still planning to do so, I don’t  want to spoil your experience (although you will be banging your head against a rot iron railing like I almost did, when it is all over).

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who challenged Zeus’ omnipotence.  He managed to trick Zeus during a sacrificial meal which ended in humans being accountable only to give the lowliest burnt offering to the gods and keeping the healthiest meat to themselves.  This angered Zeus and in retribution, he took back fire from mankind (humans already knew of fire).  Prometheus then stole the fire back from Zeus and returned it to human kind.  The fire represented human progress.  Prometheus is also credited with the creation of man from clay.  For his dastardly deeds, Zeus sentenced him to eternal punishment.  He had Prometheus bound to a rock where every day, an eagle (the emblem of Zeus) would swoop down and eat away at his liver, only to have it grow back and the whole process to repeat the next day for eternity.  This is how I felt having to sit down, bound to my chair, subjected to this film.
Interestingly enough, the main question, made quite clear by the previews, “Where did we come from?”, is answered at the outset of the movie.  The first few scenes are attention grabbing.  From there it spiraled downhill.  The plot is jumbled; the character development is non-existent.  I believe whoever was responsible for the screenplay overextended themselves trying to create suspense when in actuality, they threw a bunch of okay ideas in a hat, shook them around and threw them up in the air hoping they would fall in place (something like the theoried primordial soup, or in this case, Kitchen Sink).  If you have to sit in a movie and wonder who the main characters are and what the plot is, there is a problem.  I believe that Academy Award winner, Charlize Theron, must have been tricked, blackmailed or simply sleeping when she said yes to Prometheus. 

At the end of the film, the movie goers all let out a resounding, “Uhhhh”.  I too was part of that disappointed chorus.  I have never seen people clear out of a theater so quickly. If you decide to see Prometheus, you will be surprised that you too released that “Uhhhh”, especially when you see the very last scene and realize that it was all a scheme to “pre-qualify” and revive an old movie which has long lost its appeal.