Thursday, March 29, 2012

Death of a Poet

In celebration of Women's History month, we poetically pay tribute to Adrienne Rich, a highly honored feminist poet who just died at 82 years of age. She was best known for her deeply personal poems and bitting social commentary. She was also credited as being a force in the feminist movement.
A poet has died, her pen and mind now stilled,
No more shall we receive her words and thoughts so skilled.

Though surely her passing creates a void so very hard to fill,
She’s left behind a treasure trove that we can find at will.

Her pain, her angst, her love and loss, her vision and her rage,
Can be found in many forms neatly preserved on every page.

Words are forever and really have no time,
Whether written straight, in sonnet, prose or rhyme.

What’s left behind for us who care when a poet dies,
Is all her words that helped us see where the real truth lies.

Death comes to all, the mighty and the small,
But what would life be if our poet had never spoken at all?

Words in any form are powerful, and in these times of cognitive dissonance, political undertones meant to divide us and an outright perpetuation of untruths, it is encouraging to see an earnest life so celebrated. She will live on in our memories/histories. What kind of mark are you leaving behind?


Photo by Mattox (Poland) Entitled: "Writing"


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