Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29th - Happy Leap Day!?

  It only happens once every four and even years,
So perhaps we should give out three or four really loud cheers.
It’s a day unlike all others, but still like any other day,
Thus it really can’t be seen this or any other way. 
So rare is it’s coming and so very cunning,
That it should be received by us all as a day that’s quite stunning.

If this date be your birth date, dare I leap to a conclusion,
That every other birthday would be one by sheer exclusion.
And not to belabor this subtle point to the point of all confusion,
Lest we bang our heads against the wall to the point of a contusion.
Maybe it is best for all involved if we simply say,
It may be February 29th, but it’s really just a Wednesday!

|Note of Interest|

Across the pond we celebrate Sadie Hawkins Day! not like the Americans, by asking a boy to the dance but by single ladies proposing marriage to  that someone special in their lives. One of the ways they proposed is by ordering a steak with the words "will you marry me" seared on top. - Good Luck Ladies!!

from Stock Xchng:
Romania's Bea29sm photo entitled: Nice Cake

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