Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Breaking News From the Wolf Network...

President Barak Obama turned 50 years of age yesterday despite efforts from Congress to block the move.  Legislators worked feverishly to avoid this, the birthday, which was scheduled to take place just past midnight.  A last minute compromise by the President seemed to save the day when he agreed not to raise the issue again for one full year.

The White House released a statement indicating that the President was not thrilled about turning 50, but understands that some things are inevitable and he expressed hope that he is not only older but wiser by this action.

Even with the ink on the compromise still drying, some in Congress were calling for a Supper Committee to begin work on the plan for the President's 51st birthday.  Others have dismissed this as election year politics.

Instead of distributing pens after signing the  Birthday Bill, the President handed out cake causing some to call into question the fiscal responsibility of doing so.  The President, smiling and in a faux French accent said, "Oh! Let zhem eat zee cake!"   News of yet another Supper Committee is expected soon.

(But seriously, what a world we live in, huh?)


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