Saturday, July 2, 2011

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It does not matter what day it is when you are in a special place with special people.  Any day there is a beautiful day.  And I have found that the women in this particular neighborhood make it that way.

I don’t know if people who are not familiar with the section of East Flatbush in Brooklyn have any idea of the beauty, caring, love and kindness that pervades this place.

In my long and getting longer life, I have worked in numerous situations and in various places where women either made up the bulk of the workforce, or were ever present in relation to it.  Whether it was sitting with a bird’s eye view of the daily fashion parade at 42nd and Lex in NYC, working in the facilities on a military base or walking the halls of colleges and hospitals, the women in those settings left their personal and professional impressions on me.

I can honestly say that never in all my travels have I met better people, who happen to be women, than those I’ve met in the midst of this neighborhood.  Their beauty is unmatched and, despite told and untold personal trials and tribulations, they love and care, give and smile, are professional and smart, work hard and laugh hard.  They recognize their own faults and forgive those of others. They are cautious from experience and open from their hearts.  They are worthy of their dreams and too often uncelebrated for the remarkable people they are.

If you are honest and respectful these women will reward you with an indelible smile that never leaves you.  And if you know any little bit about the tremendous hurdles these women have cleared in their lives, those smiles will leave you speechless.  If you are fortunate enough to be befriended by them, you are truly blessed indeed.  Would only that my travels had brought me here sooner.

The day is today, and it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Laynecom

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