Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insert your worst word here _____ .

But please do not say it.

Words can be powerful and they can heal, and words can hurt deeply. Powerful words are written down and used again or referenced. They guide and inspire; they bring hope and resolve. Healing words are passive and gentle, much appreciated in the moment, but often easily forgotten. Hurtful words dig in and last forever, they leave scars and turn people’s lives in the wrong direction. Of all the words there are, hurtful words are the worst.

Hurtful words are easy to say, but can’t be taken back. Once said, they are like bullets and the damage is done. Before people react and speak they should deliberate on what words they have in their gun and should keep the safety on.

It takes thought and time, caring and care to come up with powerful and healing words. Hurtful words come easily and recklessly, as if automatically, and perhaps say something awful about human nature. If one were to think of tolerance and equality, support and acceptance, love and kindness or even deference and consequence before uttering hurtful words, it is likely they would not.

And there is no shortage of hurtful words for every situation. And the situation does not even have to call out for words; the words are just there and so ready to do damage.
There are hurtful words that mindlessly target the color of a persons skin, their gender, their sexual orientation, their nationality, their height and weight, the speech, their clothes, their financial status, their politics, their religious affiliation, their education level, the books they chose or don’t; essentially everybody’s everything.

So I would suggest that anyone reading this take a moment and insert their worst word and really think about what that word means and how it can hurt or even destroy another person, who may very well have a hurtful word that could do the same to you.

Insert that word here ____. Think about it. But please don’t ever say it again.

L. S.

Friday, May 13, 2011

TGIF the 13th??

Well how can one person manage to do 13 superstitious things just getting ready for work? 

In an effort to avoid such things I managed to only make things worse. 

Upon waking I touched my left foot on the floor first (1).  Being annoyed by this I cracked the mirror in the bathroom retrieving my shave cream (2).   

Trying to make up for this I figured I'd throw some salt over my shoulder for good luck, but the cap on the shaker was loose and I spilled salt all over the place (3).

Frustrated, I sat at the table and tried to eat my recently salted cereal, inadvertently dropping and then picking up a knife (4).    So forlorn by all this I began to sing "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" (5) quickly stopping myself when I realized singing at the table is bad luck; plus everyone else in the house was sleeping. 

Trying to right the ship I went into the living room and looked out the window at the quiet street, but found myself unconsciously rocking the empty rocking chair; darn! (6) 

Not wanting to temp fate I moved my sister's purse to the floor so I could reach the umbrella to put it in the closet.  I had to take a hat off the shelf to do so. 

I threw the hat carelessly on the bed (7), picked up the umbrella, which opened (8) and was so taken aback I forgot about the purse on the floor (9). 

"That's it", I said, and I decided I should just get out of the house and go to work.  As I left the house I walked directly under a ladder (10) as a black cat crossed my path (11). 

Then as I approached my car I heard a hooting sound.  I looked up to the amazing sight of an owl in the daylight (12).  Being so taken in by this I did not notice the crack in the sidewalk I had successfully avoided for 15 years (13) and stepped right on it. 

I got in my car and took a deep breath knowing the rest of the day was going to be fine. 

(None of this happened of course, but what fun anyway.) 

Happy Friday the 13th!

Photo Credit:  Jade A/Canada

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Ordinary Lunch

From the Desk of the Esquire's Kitchen

Today I wish to share a brave intervention in the never ending quest to improve the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Culinary inspiration struck me this morning when I spied some Raspberry Preserves in the fridge. No ordinary PB&J today, I thought! I quickly assembled the needed tools and food stuffs. One butter knife and a tablespoon would suffice to handle the construction.

As for the ingredients:
Two medium slices of fresh whole wheat bread (end pieces are acceptable).
Super Crunchy Style Skippy Peanut Butter (or brand and crunch level of your choice).
Smucker's Raspberry Preserves (or again what ever the heck you want to use).
Now to build the meal:

(1) Apply peanut butter to the bread in the desired amount, preferably within the bounds of the bread.
(2) Apply a tablespoon of the preserves, again avoiding spillover because then it's just such a mess getting it out of the sandwich bag.
(3) Collapse the two bread slices upon each other and voila!

Now to report on the feasting:
All the heightened anticipation quickly fled with the first bite of this absolutely somewhat above average version of a PB & J sandwich.
I will nevertheless remain faithful to this easier than pie lunch creation, but I do hear grapes and strawberries calling!
Bon Appetit'
Le Esquire