Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking For Dummies

I can understand why a viral sensation was created when Mall security released footage of a woman caught on camera, texting while walking until she tripped and fell into a water fountain. I will admit that this was hilarious and I believe all of the news stations felt the same way as they kept rewinding it and rewinding it unnecessarily. Like it or not, texting has become a part of our ever evolving or devolving culture and as a result, so has Texting While Walking.

Today I felt as if I was in Battlestar Gallactica trying to simply make it down the hallway to the restroom in my workplace; Maneuvering around missiles and asteroids in the form of people Texting While Walking. It was a crazy obstacle course. I actually thought that at some point, these fast approaching humans would realize that another human was in front of them and then kindly step away. Nooooo. They kept bailing towards me totally engulfed in whatever they were texting; LOL, LMAO, maybe a smiley face?! What text is so important that it would take away your ability to walk properly? This past Saturday, while walking on Amsterdam Avenue, I witnessed a woman coming towards me, Texting While Walking until she plopped her foot right into a pile of dog dung. She actually stopped texting for a moment to see what she stepped in. She gingerly wiped her foot on the pavement and continued on her merry way texting again. Yuck! I have even had the opportunity on too many occasions to be held up at a green light while a pedestrian continued to Text While Walking with no idea or care that they no longer had the right of way. 

Texting While Driving is against the law but do you think that TWW (Texting While Walking) should also become a violation in order to keep people from walking into water fountains, dog dung, traffic or each other? Should tickets be written out to stop these people who apparently care more about their text than their own safety?  Maybe a book entitled, Walking for Dummies? What say you?