Friday, September 10, 2010

The Day Before 9/11

By L.S.

The day before we looked calmly to the coming season of fall,

The day before we did not know so many would die answering the call.

That day we were a nation in peril though acting as if at rest,

We did not know that the next day we’d lose our very best.

The day before we worked and played; going about our busy lives,

We did not know that the evil among us had taken out their knives.

The day before those towers shone and reached up to the sky,

We couldn’t imagine the next day they’d be a pile of rubble; a place to die.

The day before we could not know that when the next day came,

Our world would change forever, never to be the same.

If I could just go back and change one thing for sure,

It would be that all the days after would be the day before.

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