Friday, July 2, 2010

Beyond the Paint

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Take a look at this picture. Do you see the blue scaffolding on the side of the house with the brown siding? Well, you can't see now but there was a man the day before painting the sides of those beautiful windows on the second floor of the house. At first glance I said, "It's about time." They have been peeling for years. But then I noticed something strange. The painter, standing on the narrow beige structure jutting out between the first floor and the second floor had a leg brace on his left leg that extended from his hip to his ankle. He couldn't even bend his leg. It had to be fractured somehow, yet he diligently painted. I didn't take a pic of him for obvious reasons but I thought to myself, 'Wow'. Is the economic crisis so bad that this man (who no doubt has a broken leg) must still climb houses in need of a paint job? I guess it really is.

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