Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

There Is No Higher Calling

Being a father that is.  And, that is being a real father, not simply fathering a child.  In the process of creating a new life the male side of the equation certainly is the easy part of it.  That fact should not set the tone for the rest of the process, because while it may be easy to become a father, it is not easy to be a father.  By that I mean it is not and should not be easy to be the kind of father every child and spouse deserves and expects a man to be.  A real man is not some macho tough guy or other stereotype.  A real man is a good and loving father; end of story.

On my resume, the last line lists “Other” things I think a prospective employer or association might find significant, following the list of present and prior employment, education, military and memberships.  On that Other line I have one entry “Married; three children.”  Of course, my resume is really upside down.  Everything on it above the Other line is because of the Other line.

Every morning when my feet first hit the floor I am reminded of the awesome responsibility of fatherhood.  Everything I do from that moment on has an impact on that role and responsibility.  Simply taking a shower and leaving the bathroom the way I found it, eating a proper breakfast, driving carefully to work, doing a good job for my employer, being kind and courteous to co-workers and strangers, safely returning home, sitting down with the family at dinner, and being involved at all times in my children’s lives and being an example to them.

Being an example matters and that involvement takes on many forms.  Whether it’s a stepping up ceremony, or a college graduation, a little league baseball game or a college football game, a 4thGrade concert or a college Cello recital, the emotion is the same.  There is pride, joy, anticipation, hope, fear, celebration and love.  If these things are missing, then something is wrong.  There is no room for selfishness and misdirected ego in the fatherhood role.  Giving is receiving when it’s done right.

And so, I’d like to wish every father, mother, spouse, partner, and child a Happy Father’s Day because it’s all about all of us!


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Anonymous said...

I am glad to read and know that you feel so responsible as a father. A father plays a great role in moulding the character of his children. It is far more than just shelling out money from the pocket. Appreciate the point you made here:)