Thursday, March 25, 2010

La Joie de Vivre - Updated

Need I say anymore than the title of this post.  I don't believe we can go wrong -if- we decide to enjoy life or our lives. As I flipped through the channels tonight, I came across a episode of "Jessica Simpson's the Price of Beauty".  She was headed to Paris, the Fashion capital (oh la la) to find out what French women do to look good. It seems the answer came as an absolute surprise to Jess and her globetrotting mates. She found that instead of drinking wine, beauty regimes and marathon shopping, the answer was simple.

"The Joy of Life" or the Joy of Living. It is somewhat a daily mantra for our French friends. (doesn't that look like French Fries - hahaha). They believe in living everyday to the fullest and celebrating the little things that make us, humans, special. No wonder the world has somewhat of a love-hate relationship with France. Who wouldn't want to enjoy life everyday.

I remember Jessica Simpson getting a lot of flack in the news for gaining weight and looking plump, so I was glad to see her breaking the mold so to speak on what society has deemed beautiful. While I applaud her efforts, I felt that this subject is still very new for her and it could be the journey of the series that allows her to truly accept herself as beautiful no matter her size. I know what you are thinking, and yes I am a mind reader, you are thinking "Why do I say that?" During this episode she interviewed one of the most famous anorexics in world, Isabella Caro. Isabella posed naked for the No-lita campaign and caused an outrage among the public around the world. Jessica sat there listening to Isabella, hearing about her 18 year ordeal and reminiscing that photographers still used her 68lbs frame in ad campaigns. Jessica's face screamed, "Doesn't anyone notice this woman is wasting away?", and then it was over. They hugged and thanked each other and it was done.

Back at the runway shows, Jessica finds out how grueling and mean the business could be. She has to walk the walk and actually has more butterflies than ever. She can sing and perform in front of millions of people, but walk in front of 400 people no way. So anyway...she is escorted in given a few lessons and looks around. Then she makes a comment about how beautiful all the girls are, in a - I can't compete kind of tone. So here we are - they're beautiful, skinny and...

Well thank goodness she was able to visit with some other real-type models, plus sized, ethnically diversed, etc.  We wish her well in her journey to love and enlightenment.

Photo: "Head" by Pablo Picasso was so inspiring to me as it represented a French beauty that he (PP) felt necessary to capture on paper. More on that another time. Get a copy of this poster here.

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