Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dude don't Doodle but Doodle

My daughter calls her brother Dude or Doodle - if she knew that Doodling meant an unfocused drawing maybe she wouldn't call him that. She drew the picture on the side for me, of me and when I commented that is was a nice doodle, she corrected me. It's a picture of you mommy, with your earrings and pleated skirt. Wow and look at all that wild red hair. I love it and the note was so, well - compelling. I mentioned to her that calling her brother Doodle meant calling him a silly fellow. She thought about it some and then decided since he was indeed quite silly the name should stay. Oh well CJ, I tried.

Her two dimensional self portrait is also used as a calling card. Quite the daycare socialite. Ta Ta for now.

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