Thursday, March 25, 2010

La Joie de Vivre - Updated

Need I say anymore than the title of this post.  I don't believe we can go wrong -if- we decide to enjoy life or our lives. As I flipped through the channels tonight, I came across a episode of "Jessica Simpson's the Price of Beauty".  She was headed to Paris, the Fashion capital (oh la la) to find out what French women do to look good. It seems the answer came as an absolute surprise to Jess and her globetrotting mates. She found that instead of drinking wine, beauty regimes and marathon shopping, the answer was simple.

"The Joy of Life" or the Joy of Living. It is somewhat a daily mantra for our French friends. (doesn't that look like French Fries - hahaha). They believe in living everyday to the fullest and celebrating the little things that make us, humans, special. No wonder the world has somewhat of a love-hate relationship with France. Who wouldn't want to enjoy life everyday.

I remember Jessica Simpson getting a lot of flack in the news for gaining weight and looking plump, so I was glad to see her breaking the mold so to speak on what society has deemed beautiful. While I applaud her efforts, I felt that this subject is still very new for her and it could be the journey of the series that allows her to truly accept herself as beautiful no matter her size. I know what you are thinking, and yes I am a mind reader, you are thinking "Why do I say that?" During this episode she interviewed one of the most famous anorexics in world, Isabella Caro. Isabella posed naked for the No-lita campaign and caused an outrage among the public around the world. Jessica sat there listening to Isabella, hearing about her 18 year ordeal and reminiscing that photographers still used her 68lbs frame in ad campaigns. Jessica's face screamed, "Doesn't anyone notice this woman is wasting away?", and then it was over. They hugged and thanked each other and it was done.

Back at the runway shows, Jessica finds out how grueling and mean the business could be. She has to walk the walk and actually has more butterflies than ever. She can sing and perform in front of millions of people, but walk in front of 400 people no way. So anyway...she is escorted in given a few lessons and looks around. Then she makes a comment about how beautiful all the girls are, in a - I can't compete kind of tone. So here we are - they're beautiful, skinny and...

Well thank goodness she was able to visit with some other real-type models, plus sized, ethnically diversed, etc.  We wish her well in her journey to love and enlightenment.

Photo: "Head" by Pablo Picasso was so inspiring to me as it represented a French beauty that he (PP) felt necessary to capture on paper. More on that another time. Get a copy of this poster here.

Visit to check out Jessica Simpson's the Price of Beauty Show

National Eating Disorders Organization

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here!!

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Prospect Park/Grand Army Plaza
Farmer's Market

Beep, Beep, watch out - see you next weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day

St. Patrick's Day

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Verbal Honey Family
to yours

Enjoy the parades, festivals and all things green!

 Lá Fhéile Pádraig

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dude don't Doodle but Doodle

My daughter calls her brother Dude or Doodle - if she knew that Doodling meant an unfocused drawing maybe she wouldn't call him that. She drew the picture on the side for me, of me and when I commented that is was a nice doodle, she corrected me. It's a picture of you mommy, with your earrings and pleated skirt. Wow and look at all that wild red hair. I love it and the note was so, well - compelling. I mentioned to her that calling her brother Doodle meant calling him a silly fellow. She thought about it some and then decided since he was indeed quite silly the name should stay. Oh well CJ, I tried.

Her two dimensional self portrait is also used as a calling card. Quite the daycare socialite. Ta Ta for now.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music To Their Energetic Ears

by Epiphany

This was a snowy week, second for the month. The kids, restless  and bored with the snow already, were on top of one another. With all this pent up energy abound, my friend (Leeli) and I desparately sought out an indoor activity outside our home.

We had missed most of the Purim parties in the neighborhood and all the other play spaces required a reservation. But low and behold Leeli remembered a children's concert to benefit Haitian Relief at the South Oxford Space.

Delighted to get out and about, the kids were dressed faster than we could buy tickets. We ventured by train instead of bus since those antsy pantsies could not wait another minute to get grooving. When we arrived the place was just filling up and the band was doing a sound check. Slated for this gig was Tres Leche and Audra Rox. While waiting for the concert to start East Indian sounds permeated the room, setting a calming tone, so much so that I thought Claude Challe had retired and gone off to be a yogi. By the time the first band came up the kids were ready. They went from coloring pictures or chasing each other around the free space to dancing and jumping and yelling. Absolute madness to a degree, especially having to watch out for the little little ones but fun none the less.

Tres Leches - The sirens or songbirds as their cd art aptly implies, were simply divine. Their secret - harmonizing and recreating old favorites as well as introducing songs you couldn't help humming and singing along to. Their smooth style sounded like an infusion of world beats and exotic chants. The drums got into your blood. My son was mesmerized and my daugther was so impressed with them that during the break she offered up her wheat thins as a snack. An absolute delight to watch.

Audra Rox - Unless you have children you may not have heard of this band, but if you do have kids then you have probably seen them on Noggin in a music video called "I hope my Momma says Yes!" They rocked the house, inviting the kids and parents to be a part of the show. Encouraging their love of music, of singing and of all the instruments they could dream up in their minds. The music flowed through us at ligthening speed and moved us from our seats. The band were so easy going (like big kids) to the point that the children felt like it was their show and they sang and danced and ran and jumped. My daugther hugged Audra and ran away so happy she cried. The meltdown began.

Rocking the afternoon away in Brooklyn; the energy of the bands, the families and all those kids was definitely a Sunday ride to remember.

A happy parent,

Check out the links and pick up a CD or two - you will be as impressed as we were.