Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colored Girl

From Colored Girl to a Woman of Color - The Past meets the Present
Written in celebration of Black History Month in 2008
by VSJoseph (Epiphany)


I ain black
and I ain white
I knows no color
but dem peoples does say
come here colored girl
you gonna work for me
come here colored girl
yous gonna live here, yous gonna sit back there
yous gonna like it here

I ain like it one lick
I’s wanna run a way
fast I can, no mo pickin’, washin’, nothin’
they’s catch me every time
wanna beat me til I’s dead, I’s dead
one day
they ain gonna see
this colored child no mo, no mo, no mo
one day
I’s gonna leave or die tryin’
one day
I’s gonna make it outta here
and like my dreams free, free, free


Now some years ago
Dr. King said
he had a dream
But I have a dream of my own
Not to be like my grandmother or my mother
or the women before me
a slave to strangers and a slave to her family
I guess we’re free, but...
not everyone thinks so
I Still
get stares and jears depending on where I go,
and good jobs are hard to come by
My husband just left me... for a white woman
ain’t that something...
this day and time
Last thing he said before he walked out the door was
I’ll see ya Brown Sugar!!...hmph!

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