Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the Journey to College

Part One
By Epiphany
Starring Ajay Knowles

It's that time of year again when rising Seniors travel all over the country sampling the colleges of their dreams. They take on this daunting task as if their lives depended on it; well, I suppose it does. As my cousin would say, it is her retirement plan and don't mess with it. Wink, wink! Last week, I spent a couple of days traipsing around NYC with our happy Senior and found that exploring the city was just as interesting and entertaining as exploring the colleges. I think the following montage of our adventure just proves that seeking the perfect college is not an easy task but it sure can be a fun journey.

Our expeditions always started with the Q Train from Brooklyn. Somehow it stopped off in Chinatown a few times, where there were numerous pastries to savor and a bakery on every block to facilitate.

Between NYU and Columbia - Times Square beckoned. The Mayor closed parts of Broadway off from vehicles and now instead of honking horns and yellow cabs, all you see are people in lounge chairs sitting in the middle of the action.

Ah yes...the pedestrians linger, the lights shine bright - even during the day and the fever of NYC gets into your blood. Click, click, click...one can never have too many pictures of the city.

Our Senior will have to make a decision soon. The world is his oyster, so which college will it be?

Well maybe he can decide later. Hot dog anyone?

Finally made it up to Columbia, the (1) train was pretty empty. As we toured the campus with Alex our fast talking Junior, it occurred to me that these bricks have seen some famous feet and our senior could become one of them.

A trip to New York would not be complete with out hitting one of their famous museums. We chose the American Museum of Natural History. We got off the train and the platform led straight into the lower level of the museum. How's that for convenience. I don't remember seeing that in the movie but every exhibit was so life-like that you felt you could walk in and become one with the landscape.

NYC is not short on people and everywhere we went there were throngs of people to get lost with. No one seem to care as they were busy doing the "own thang".

Practicing his NY lingo and hand gestures, our Senior fitted in well. Looks like he has been living here for years.

The week ended with a trip to Broadway. "Chicago" was brilliant and we sat so close to the stage, that you could see every little detail and be fully included in the show. The orchestra was powerful and I was pumped by "all that jazz". Hi Mama!!

Good times and great memories. I think our Senior might have been sold on New York, let's hope his applications are so compelling that New York will be sold on him.

Good luck to all you Seniors out there!!

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious and eye opening. Makes me want to travel to NY to go school hunting. Good luck to the Rising Senior!