Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Ugly Sibling

The Psychological profile of a scorned sister.
by Epiphany

What makes the relationship between brothers and sisters go awry? I mean to the point of malicious behavior and unending controlling maneuvers to gain the confidence and trust of one over another. I know you are thinking it could be lots of things, money, jealousy, and just plain lack of love or their apparent misconception of little love, maybe even stealing a lover. 

Example: Sister (A) contacts sister (B) halfway around the world to complain about the brother (C) that lives next door. She (A) starts, "Oh he treats me so bad and puts his wife before me. He doesn't help me with money nor does he treat me with respect". She continues the whining on and on and on, "no one believes how bad it is and how much I could use the assistance, boo hoo... hoo". 

Sister (B) absorbs everything (A) says and tries desperately to comfort her to the point of agreeing with how bad the brother (C) is. Moreover, brothers (D) and (E) try very hard to stay out. (B) calls (C) but gets no answer. (B) calls back (A) and says they are not home because I tried calling. (A) how happens to live next door relates that they are at home, she can see the car next door and cannot figure out why they will not pick-up the phone. Now (B) thinks they see her number on the caller ID and does not want to answer. All hell breaks loose and this just prove they are bad people. (A) and (B) confirm their theories.

It is the little things like this in life that makes you wanna go...hmmm?! Why would something so trivial as a person not picking up a phone become a case for discussion? Well, when it bothers a person enough that they too feel scorned so much they then vent to a third party and so on. Of course, the best advice would be to say, "don't judge your brother, perhaps he was sleeping or in the shower and didn't hear the phone or  he just was not feeling well enough to chat. It happens sometimes and is quite understandable. But the real question on every one's mind outside of this example is what has happened to this family to cause an underlying riff in the bonds and interactions of so called religious and loving siblings?

Probably something silly. But at this point in life (they are half a century and more each) bygones should be left as bygones. Has any of these people seen the news lately. The hate, the unrest, the tragedies, the sudden deaths. Don't they realize that there are more important things in life than petty squabbles among siblings. I am not saying that some one's feelings should not be taken into considered. I am saying that pride and self victimization can cause people to cut off one thing or person or situation - for nothing. I think we have to look at the bigger picture and hopefully individuals, especially in advance ages, can remember that when they cast the first stone, maybe they should apologize for breaking the window.

Grow up people, life is short.

The characters in this story are not real, but a fictional adaptation of a similar issues.

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