Monday, March 9, 2009

Tyler Perry's - "Madea Goes To Jail"


Madea, Madea, Madea! Director, Writer, Producer, Actor Tyler Perry has done it again with his latest film, "Madea Goes To Jail" starring Tyler Perry, of course (playing three characters) Keisha Knight-Pulliam (Rudy from 'The Cosby Show') and Viola Davis who we recently saw nominated for an Oscar for her performance in 'Doubt'. Now I understand why this film is number 1 at the Box Office. Not only is it entertaining beyond belief with the antics of Perry's original character which he played, Madea, it is also heart wrenching and thought provoking and leaves you wanting to be a better person.

You may go to the theater thinking that you are "saved" or you may think that you are doing all that is right with God but Tyler Perry raised some issues with regard to how we look at others who are in what we may call a self-inflicted state of misery. We have all done it-looked down our noses at drug abusers, prostitutes etc. In "Madea Goes To Jail", Perry forces us to reasses our thinking and see those in less fortunate situations as human beings just like us, less we forget. On the other hand, I loved how Perry comicly weaved Madea's story into the mix and turned her into a sort of screwed up matriarch to the other inmates to help them to stop blaming other people for their misfortunes and change their lives for the better. "You don't know what my stepfather did to me!", one inmate yelled. Madea yelled back with equal force, "You sittin' up in prison blaming your father and he's out there living his life!"

Mr. Perry once again was able to deliver a deeply powerful therapeutic session and entertain immensley at the same time. This is not easy but Tyler Perry makes it look like a piece of cake. Everyone in the packed theater, including myself, wanted more, as could be seen by the applause at the end. You have to go out and see, "Madea Goes To Jail". In these times of hardship, many people will unfortunately fall on what we call, "the wrong side of the tracks". Let's learn to not judge, but love our neighbor. That is the lesson Perry wanted to send home. And when you do see the film, do not forget to sit through a bit of the credits. Some very funny outakes will be on display. Enjoy!

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