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They're Back!!! If you are not a "Heroes" fan, what I'm about to say will probably sound like jibberish to you, so take heed. I'm very excited about the 3rd Chapter of the Heroes series. The angle that this season is taking already looks totally different from previous seasons, but with the same excitement and anticipation. It seems as though a "Hero Holocaust" is in its beginning stages as Hitler in the form of the now religious extremist, Nathan Petrelli is first rounding up the Heroes (who are seeminigly trying to lead simple lives under the radar) that he knows personally, including none other than his own brother, Peter Petrelli. In a last ditch effort to turn Peter to his side, Nathan had his fancy taser wielding men ready just in case he refused to join him. And lo and behold, Peter adamantly declined (as we knew he would) and to top it off, he vowed to use all of his strength to stop his brother's ethically challenged maniacle machinations. Well, Nathan had Peter immediately tasered unconscious and dragged off no less with other Heroes to some undisclosed location where a plane awaited them, probably to take them to some sort of 'Superhero Gitmo'.

Nathan Petrelli's reasoning stems from the fact that twice, the world was almost destroyed by a group of people with superhuman abilities. So essentially, the fate of mankind always rests in the hands of these special people who hail from all walks of life; some good, some bad, all confused about the roots of their existence. Nathan Petrelli seems to hold major political power as a Senator and possibly a future President of the United States of America.

What would you do in his position? Would you find yourself emulating Nathan Petrelli's actions or would you let the Heroes just live their lives freely? Hmmmm. A moral dilemma.

My favorite hero, Hiro, is without his time/teleporting abilities. What a shame! And how did that come to pass? As the writers were hinting in the last season, his 'normal' sidekick has finally manifested some sort of electrical power. But how? Hiro is kidnapped by Petrelli's crew.

Parkman, the ex-cop, gets another visit from the African with the staff (is he dead or alive?) who reveals to him that he is the new prophet who is supposed to foresee the future with his paintings/drawings. Parkman paints a future scene with himself and Claire but doesn't decode it fast enough because then he too ends up getting caught as his pictures so clearly showed.

Claire, being Claire, eavesdrops on her grandmother's conversation with her father Nathan and gets wind of his evil plot. She ends up trying to save her uncle Peter and gets caught in the midst of it and put in some kind of semi-comotosed state with shackles and a breathing tube with some crazy chemical and a black hood just like all the other 'detainees'. Claire finds herself on the plane in midair, trying to help everyone wake up. And then the episode ends with a crash.

Of course, my new second favorite hero or anti-hero, Sylar, can not be caught by mere futuristic tasers. He is the only one that is able to defend himself and of course, tear off one of the goons' skull caps in the process (his dirty little trademark). Got to love Sylar. At least he's the only one free at the moment. I can't wait till next week!

Okay, for the translation, please google, "Heroes for Dummies" to see if such a manual exists or just watch older clips on NBC.com and tune into Heroes next monday on NBC.

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