Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VMA's Gone Wild


Apparantly crack was the hors d' oeuvre of choice at this year's MTV Video Music Awards as peculiar antics kept on coming throughout the evening. The first peculiar and outright no no was the appearance of Shakira and Pink in the same dress. What made matters worst is that they both stepped on the red carpet within mere minutes of one another. Some stylist is now stapled to someones back wall.

Next, the Kanye West fiasco with his victim of the night, Taylor Swift. On the pre-show, the 19 year old country music singer could be seen completely humbled and honored just to be nominated for a VMA. She repeatedly said, "I'm a country music singer. I'm honored to be here at the VMA's". When asked if she thinks she would win a moon man competing against the likes of Beyonce and Pink, she said, "Oh no. I'm just happy to be here." So we all know Taylor Swift won the moon man for best female video. Then enter Kanye West aka 'D'Artagnan', who felt inclined to swoop onto the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, and come to the aid of damsel Beyonce who was nominated but did not win that particular award. Please remember, this cinematic adventure is all in the mind of Kanye West among the dusty cobwebs but I digress. So after grabbing the microphone/sword from 19 year old Taylor Swift, he proclaims in part from the top of the stage, after slaying the dragon, "Beyonce should have won this award!" Then he jumps off the stage in victory for the 2 people who were thinking the same thing.

The mortified Beyonce who was unsuspectedly dragged into Kanye's lair, came out at the end of the show when she received the biggest award of the night and diplomatically called Taylor Swift out to continue her acceptance speech. Although this was honorable, her speech will be forever smeared by a little man with a big ego who needed to be seen on stage since he was nominated for nothing that night.

Next, the ever dramatic and theatrical Lady Gaga pulled no stops to make a point of the psychotic plight of the "Paparazzi". Mad piano playing, plenty of blood and an on stage hanging all added to the family atmosphere that the VMA's are so known for. Don't get me wrong. I loved the performance and the message behind it, but I thought it was a bit too gory. But it made it's point. The Paparazzi will stop at nothing to invade the lives of celebrities-not even Death can stop them as can be seen with the recent passing of Michael Jackson. After her performance, the birdlike Lady Gaga sits for the rest of the evening enjoying the show with a Robin's nest sitting atop her face. Lovely!

Speaking of Michael Jackson, I enjoyed the dancers getting his moves on point as they donned his many signature outfits from his vast career. When Janet came out, she was phenomenal dancing in unison with the digital Michael on the back screen. In my opinion, I really don't want to see any other Jackson's doing a tribute to Michael Jackson besides Janet. And who invited slimy opportunists Joe Jackson and Ken doll head Jermaine to the show? Have they come out with any albums recently? Oh yes, Joe Jackson has and sure enough to follow suit, Jermaine. Sadly, they will continue to ride the Michael Jackson wave to the end. Classy.

At the end of Jay-Z's greatly anticipated performance with Alicia Keyes, one-hit rapper, Lil' Mama jumped up on stage and sported the "B-Boy" stance with the the two musical icons. You can notice Jay-Z staring at her under his dark shades probably wondering, WTF! Lil' Mama later apologized.

Anyway, the last piece that let me see that 2009's VMA's was definately dining on a crack smorgosborg was the appearance of Jack Black who ended the evening proclaiming, "Let us all worship Satan!" Everyone then put up the classic rocker two finger sign (which as I have researched is really the symbol of Satan, reminiscent of the "horns") and they bowed in reverance.

Blood and Guts, Opportunists galore and devil worship all culminated to make 2009's VMA's the wonderful little family show that it has proven to be time and time again. Until next year :-).

Monday, August 17, 2009

Orphaned and Abandoned children with HIV/AIDS in Africa

In the middle of the night, in bet. sleep and a yelling couple outside, I saw a program on ABC Family highlighting the youngest victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa-the tiny orphaned children, some of who are battling the deadly disease as well. I know about the epidemic in Africa but at the same time, I don't really know. My heart dropped to learn that many of these poor children die when abandoned by their families. One baby boy was left out in a field to die the day he was born. He survived overnight and when the unmerciful sun beat down on his tiny body, he suffered burns on his chest and stomach. What a way to enter the world. Other children are left alone, abandoned so to speak when their mother (with AIDS) dies on them. This little boy touched my heart so much that I wanted to reach into the TV and hold him and cuddle him and kiss him. His mom died when he was two months old and after a few days, he was found by his aunt who tried to care for him but saw him as too much of a burden so she thankfully took him to an orphanage that specializes in caring for abandoned children with all sorts of ailments including HIV/AIDS. This little boy was four months old and stricken with AIDS. His whole body was covered in rashes. He was as small as a two month old and so emaciated. Of course his large tummy was full of worms. I watched this child and he looked like he had the weight of the world on his little shoulders. He would not smile, he would not grimmace. He just layed there in the caretakers arms. No sound came from him although the commentator mentioned he was in pain all the time. There are a few orphanages that specialize in taking in these unwanted children and I wish I could remember the name of the program so I could support them somehow. I'll look them up online.

I just had to mention this. Sometimes we drown ourselves with our problems believing we have reached the end of the world when there are others less fortunate out there than we are. I never liked when people would tell me there are others less fortunate than me when I would relay some issues to them but it is important to Stop and Look outside of yourself for a moment. Food for Thought.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the Journey to College

Part One
By Epiphany
Starring Ajay Knowles

It's that time of year again when rising Seniors travel all over the country sampling the colleges of their dreams. They take on this daunting task as if their lives depended on it; well, I suppose it does. As my cousin would say, it is her retirement plan and don't mess with it. Wink, wink! Last week, I spent a couple of days traipsing around NYC with our happy Senior and found that exploring the city was just as interesting and entertaining as exploring the colleges. I think the following montage of our adventure just proves that seeking the perfect college is not an easy task but it sure can be a fun journey.

Our expeditions always started with the Q Train from Brooklyn. Somehow it stopped off in Chinatown a few times, where there were numerous pastries to savor and a bakery on every block to facilitate.

Between NYU and Columbia - Times Square beckoned. The Mayor closed parts of Broadway off from vehicles and now instead of honking horns and yellow cabs, all you see are people in lounge chairs sitting in the middle of the action.

Ah yes...the pedestrians linger, the lights shine bright - even during the day and the fever of NYC gets into your blood. Click, click, click...one can never have too many pictures of the city.

Our Senior will have to make a decision soon. The world is his oyster, so which college will it be?

Well maybe he can decide later. Hot dog anyone?

Finally made it up to Columbia, the (1) train was pretty empty. As we toured the campus with Alex our fast talking Junior, it occurred to me that these bricks have seen some famous feet and our senior could become one of them.

A trip to New York would not be complete with out hitting one of their famous museums. We chose the American Museum of Natural History. We got off the train and the platform led straight into the lower level of the museum. How's that for convenience. I don't remember seeing that in the movie but every exhibit was so life-like that you felt you could walk in and become one with the landscape.

NYC is not short on people and everywhere we went there were throngs of people to get lost with. No one seem to care as they were busy doing the "own thang".

Practicing his NY lingo and hand gestures, our Senior fitted in well. Looks like he has been living here for years.

The week ended with a trip to Broadway. "Chicago" was brilliant and we sat so close to the stage, that you could see every little detail and be fully included in the show. The orchestra was powerful and I was pumped by "all that jazz". Hi Mama!!

Good times and great memories. I think our Senior might have been sold on New York, let's hope his applications are so compelling that New York will be sold on him.

Good luck to all you Seniors out there!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009



I think it's time that Verbal Honey puts the spotlight on a subject that is very unique to New York City underdwellers. A topic that permeates life in the city but is not talked about much because of its familiarity. It's high time that New Yorkers stop for a second and admit that what we see in the tunnels underground everyday is not normal. Its time that we highlight our daily interludes with madness and we shall henceforth pen them, "TrainMares"- Frightening Occurences Underground. Your experience could be short, it could be long, it doesn't matter. We have to release the psychotic things we see on the train less we start accepting them as normal. It's for our own good. I will start today's TrainMare with something I saw yesterday.

Yesterday morning my daughter and I trekked to the closest train station to get to her summer camp destination. We left home early so we were able to enjoy a nice summer walk without the rushing. The air was thick yesterday so I was glad I didn't have to rush and end up drenched in sweat. When we made our way down into the subway, we didn't even have to wait. The train met us right on time. We sat down to the refreshing coolness of the AC. I knew this day was going to be a good day. I took part in every underdwellers favorite past time-staring at the posted ads. We've seen all of these ads before but somehow we keep staring, hoping we'll see something new so we won't have to make eye contact with the person sitting across from us.

Anway, it was an ad about the Whoopi Goldberg narrated piece, "Journey to the Stars" at the Museum of Natural History. I turned to tell my daughter that I would like to take her there this Saturday when I heard something knock against the window next to me. We were racing through the blackness of the tunnel so I knew no one could have knocked from the outside, or could they? I looked over to the guy sitting to my right and he just had a blank stare. Just when I was about to turn away, the back of his head hit the window. 'Oh that was the noise!' I thought he must be really sleepy, hitting his head as he dozed off. The bumps from the ride can treat you like a rag doll if you are falling into the trap of sleep. Then the disturbing happened. The same young man to my right hit the back of his head into the window again and again and again. His facial expression did not flinch.

At this point I just wanted to be freed at the next stop. I acted like I wasn't witnessing what I was witnessing, and so did everyone else. You see! If someone got up and said, "What's wrong with you boy?! Why are you beating your head against the window?!", maybe the young man would have snapped back to his senses. But no such luck. I wasn't about to be that brave soul either so as soon as my stop approached, my daughter and I hopped out to the surface. Freedom! Until the next time....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter Getting Hotter?

by Ambrosia

The sixth installment of the Harry Potter series-"The Half Blood Prince" has already grossed over $158 million in less than a week. The biggest blockbuster of the year by far. The highest grossing Harry Potter film to date. The series never lets down its die hard fans. I think the film was written intelligently and keeps in mind the original young fans of the books who are happily growing along with the characters in this 'coming of age' movie. Unusual you may say but not really. Hermoine, Ron and Harry are real to their fans and here in lies the bond that they all share. Big kids, like myself, love Harry Potter too and can relate to the mischief and the dreamed about magic that permeates the films.

What I wasn't too keen on was the story itself. It's translation unto the screen left a couple of holes for me. For example, the infamous Half Blood Prince was revealed at the end but then I had many questions like, Why? When? How? What does this mean?. It felt as though the film was meant mainly for people who have read the books. And no, I have not read "The Half Blood Prince" although it sits in my mini library. I did pull it out after the movie but that was it. Very bad. I'll try again tonight to try to find answers to my questions.

What I loved was the unmatchable, cinematography. Beauty in motion. If you watched the film on mute you would still be mesmerized. Absolutely spellbinding. The director, David Yates, has done it again, masterfully directing the last Potter movie and this one. When you go away from this film you will still be haunted (in a good way) by the images.

Everything is coming together beautifully as the Harry Potter series comes down to its last installment-"The Deathly Hallows". (Sigh) I'm going to miss them.

Monday, July 20, 2009


by Ambrosia

On mass transit today, I witnessed something that took the cake even for mass transit in New York City. A woman entered the bus with a child who was between 6 and 8 months. She placed the baby's stroller half way down the aisle close to me and non chalanty seats herself way up front in the designated handicapped seats. I didn't pay it any mind, thinking that the woman who was seated close to the stroller was with her. Then she started complaining out loud saying that if the stroller rolls on her foot, everyone is going to hear about it, the driver, the MTA, everyone. This woman kept repeating this phrase as some people agreed and snickered.

As the ride went on, people entering the bus kept bumping into the lone stroller. It kept getting knocked around until it found a home right next to me. As more people piled into the bus trying to get around this stroller, they started saying, 'Sorry' to me as they brazenly knocked the stroller about some more. I ignored them and decided to examine the mother who was holding her bouncing baby boy. He was all smiles, quite jovial while she had this blank, almost dead look on her face. She gave off a mixture of anger and despair with despair winning by a mile. She was spaced out. I tried to get her attention to ask her politely if the stroller was hers but she looked in my direction and stared off into space again. Her expression did not move.

Apparently at this point, some new bus rider, ignorant to the owner of the stroller started to complain about me. The original boisterous woman explained very loudly, "That's not her stroller. That's hers. And if that stroller runs over my toe, they're going to hear from me...!" I peered outside the window as the bus pulled up to a very busy stop and saw a bunch of people waiting to come in. I forsaw a very disruptive situation as this new herd of people would simultaneously meet, "The Stroller". I got up to get the mom's attention and asked her if the stroller was hers again. She actually noticed me this time as I stood and just nodded twice so lifelessly it was pitiful. Then I tried to drag it to her quickly before the impatient people from outside who were already pushing each other to get in first, started pouring in. The stroller, which was an expensive, high quality one, was on some super breaks because I couldn't move it.
I decided to lift it up and as I did and started to go over to the mother with my bag falling off my shoulder and my phone (as I spoke to Epiphany) falling from between my shoulder and my cheek, the first person to enter the bus, a diva-like young lady, simply stood there between me and my destination, giving me this look as to say, 'How dare you stand in my way with your stroller." If looks could kill.

Anyway, I could feel anticipation shoot forth from everyone behind me who became acquainted with "The Stroller". The whole bus got quiet. This girl would not move. She seemed to prefer to just stand there, staring at me. I then said, "Excuse me", then lo and behold, she got the point and moved out of the way.
I said to the mom, "I don't know where you want me to put this stroller exactly, but I'll put it here for you." With that I placed the stroller in front of her. There was no thank you but somehow I wasn't expecting it. Like I said, the mother was unfortunately spaced out as her happy baby smiled and bounced around her lap.

The next stop was hers. I watched her place the baby boy in the stroller. She walked out of the bus like a zombie floating on a cloud. Instead of lifting the stroller to get down the stair, she pushed it and it inclined so steeply, I thought the baby might fall out. I saw a woman's face crumple up in fear. I could see her mouth, "Oh my God". Then as if nothing happened, the mother continued to push the baby in its infamous stroller down the street. I was mortified. Epiphany suggested I call the cops. When I got out at my stop about 5 minutes later, I approached an officer in a parked car and he told me that nothing can be done. Her whereabouts are a mystery and there is not enough information to attempt to find her. I just hope that I don't hear any stories on the news involving an innocent baby being hurt by its mom. Although I know worst stories than this happen everyday, as I was reminded by another friend of mine, it just hurts to see potential for child neglect in front of you. I prayed for the innocent baby boy and for the mother as well. We don't know what she is going through.

Human nature sucks sometimes. I don't know who was worse, the boisterous woman, the people pushing the stroller with anger, the people pushing each other to get into the bus, the diva girl or the woman who obviously needed help but no one could see through their dense glasses. Another day on New York City mass transit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Ugly Sibling

The Psychological profile of a scorned sister.
by Epiphany

What makes the relationship between brothers and sisters go awry? I mean to the point of malicious behavior and unending controlling maneuvers to gain the confidence and trust of one over another. I know you are thinking it could be lots of things, money, jealousy, and just plain lack of love or their apparent misconception of little love, maybe even stealing a lover. 

Example: Sister (A) contacts sister (B) halfway around the world to complain about the brother (C) that lives next door. She (A) starts, "Oh he treats me so bad and puts his wife before me. He doesn't help me with money nor does he treat me with respect". She continues the whining on and on and on, "no one believes how bad it is and how much I could use the assistance, boo hoo... hoo". 

Sister (B) absorbs everything (A) says and tries desperately to comfort her to the point of agreeing with how bad the brother (C) is. Moreover, brothers (D) and (E) try very hard to stay out. (B) calls (C) but gets no answer. (B) calls back (A) and says they are not home because I tried calling. (A) how happens to live next door relates that they are at home, she can see the car next door and cannot figure out why they will not pick-up the phone. Now (B) thinks they see her number on the caller ID and does not want to answer. All hell breaks loose and this just prove they are bad people. (A) and (B) confirm their theories.

It is the little things like this in life that makes you wanna go...hmmm?! Why would something so trivial as a person not picking up a phone become a case for discussion? Well, when it bothers a person enough that they too feel scorned so much they then vent to a third party and so on. Of course, the best advice would be to say, "don't judge your brother, perhaps he was sleeping or in the shower and didn't hear the phone or  he just was not feeling well enough to chat. It happens sometimes and is quite understandable. But the real question on every one's mind outside of this example is what has happened to this family to cause an underlying riff in the bonds and interactions of so called religious and loving siblings?

Probably something silly. But at this point in life (they are half a century and more each) bygones should be left as bygones. Has any of these people seen the news lately. The hate, the unrest, the tragedies, the sudden deaths. Don't they realize that there are more important things in life than petty squabbles among siblings. I am not saying that some one's feelings should not be taken into considered. I am saying that pride and self victimization can cause people to cut off one thing or person or situation - for nothing. I think we have to look at the bigger picture and hopefully individuals, especially in advance ages, can remember that when they cast the first stone, maybe they should apologize for breaking the window.

Grow up people, life is short.

The characters in this story are not real, but a fictional adaptation of a similar issues.

Friday, June 19, 2009

V for Victory!


It is obvious that the Iranian Presidential elections were rigged in favor of Ahmadinejad. He "won" by a landslide. More people voted than were registered to vote. How can that be? The Iranian government has even refused to do a democratic recount. So, the Iranians in support of Mousavi have hit the streets in protest.

I was very put out to see the religious figure head, Ayatollah Khomeini, come out of the cracks to basically say to the protestors, if you don't stop protesting, you will be killed. Why is it in this new millenium, Hitler-type figures are still given a platform to breed their sick, divisive ideologies? Is this how far we have come?

I am not in favor of neither Ahmadinejad or Mousavi because politics has many faces at any given time and thus can not be trusted. But when I see the determined faces of the Iranian citizens in the streets, holding up their V's for Victory, I feel the power of the human spirit that transcends all political factions, all races, all cultures, all genders, all religions...all facets that divide but can never conquer!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tyler Perry's - "Madea Goes To Jail"


Madea, Madea, Madea! Director, Writer, Producer, Actor Tyler Perry has done it again with his latest film, "Madea Goes To Jail" starring Tyler Perry, of course (playing three characters) Keisha Knight-Pulliam (Rudy from 'The Cosby Show') and Viola Davis who we recently saw nominated for an Oscar for her performance in 'Doubt'. Now I understand why this film is number 1 at the Box Office. Not only is it entertaining beyond belief with the antics of Perry's original character which he played, Madea, it is also heart wrenching and thought provoking and leaves you wanting to be a better person.

You may go to the theater thinking that you are "saved" or you may think that you are doing all that is right with God but Tyler Perry raised some issues with regard to how we look at others who are in what we may call a self-inflicted state of misery. We have all done it-looked down our noses at drug abusers, prostitutes etc. In "Madea Goes To Jail", Perry forces us to reasses our thinking and see those in less fortunate situations as human beings just like us, less we forget. On the other hand, I loved how Perry comicly weaved Madea's story into the mix and turned her into a sort of screwed up matriarch to the other inmates to help them to stop blaming other people for their misfortunes and change their lives for the better. "You don't know what my stepfather did to me!", one inmate yelled. Madea yelled back with equal force, "You sittin' up in prison blaming your father and he's out there living his life!"

Mr. Perry once again was able to deliver a deeply powerful therapeutic session and entertain immensley at the same time. This is not easy but Tyler Perry makes it look like a piece of cake. Everyone in the packed theater, including myself, wanted more, as could be seen by the applause at the end. You have to go out and see, "Madea Goes To Jail". In these times of hardship, many people will unfortunately fall on what we call, "the wrong side of the tracks". Let's learn to not judge, but love our neighbor. That is the lesson Perry wanted to send home. And when you do see the film, do not forget to sit through a bit of the credits. Some very funny outakes will be on display. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Mwen Sole" Update: Congratulations to Yaphathtoar

By Epiphany
Last October, Verbal Honey reported on an up and coming writer, directer, and producer, who penned a heartwarming story of the immigration struggles of a Haitian family. The Script was called "Mwen Sole" and we are pleased to inform VH followers that Yaphathtoar Colebrooke, a Bahamiam Expat has won third place in the 77th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition in the Television/Movie Script category. What a feat since there were 17,000 entries from around the world.

Belated Congrats Yaphathtoar and keep up the good work.
Yaphathtoar can be contacted at http://www.yaphathtoar.com/

Links to the original article and Writers Digest announcement:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009



They're Back!!! If you are not a "Heroes" fan, what I'm about to say will probably sound like jibberish to you, so take heed. I'm very excited about the 3rd Chapter of the Heroes series. The angle that this season is taking already looks totally different from previous seasons, but with the same excitement and anticipation. It seems as though a "Hero Holocaust" is in its beginning stages as Hitler in the form of the now religious extremist, Nathan Petrelli is first rounding up the Heroes (who are seeminigly trying to lead simple lives under the radar) that he knows personally, including none other than his own brother, Peter Petrelli. In a last ditch effort to turn Peter to his side, Nathan had his fancy taser wielding men ready just in case he refused to join him. And lo and behold, Peter adamantly declined (as we knew he would) and to top it off, he vowed to use all of his strength to stop his brother's ethically challenged maniacle machinations. Well, Nathan had Peter immediately tasered unconscious and dragged off no less with other Heroes to some undisclosed location where a plane awaited them, probably to take them to some sort of 'Superhero Gitmo'.

Nathan Petrelli's reasoning stems from the fact that twice, the world was almost destroyed by a group of people with superhuman abilities. So essentially, the fate of mankind always rests in the hands of these special people who hail from all walks of life; some good, some bad, all confused about the roots of their existence. Nathan Petrelli seems to hold major political power as a Senator and possibly a future President of the United States of America.

What would you do in his position? Would you find yourself emulating Nathan Petrelli's actions or would you let the Heroes just live their lives freely? Hmmmm. A moral dilemma.

My favorite hero, Hiro, is without his time/teleporting abilities. What a shame! And how did that come to pass? As the writers were hinting in the last season, his 'normal' sidekick has finally manifested some sort of electrical power. But how? Hiro is kidnapped by Petrelli's crew.

Parkman, the ex-cop, gets another visit from the African with the staff (is he dead or alive?) who reveals to him that he is the new prophet who is supposed to foresee the future with his paintings/drawings. Parkman paints a future scene with himself and Claire but doesn't decode it fast enough because then he too ends up getting caught as his pictures so clearly showed.

Claire, being Claire, eavesdrops on her grandmother's conversation with her father Nathan and gets wind of his evil plot. She ends up trying to save her uncle Peter and gets caught in the midst of it and put in some kind of semi-comotosed state with shackles and a breathing tube with some crazy chemical and a black hood just like all the other 'detainees'. Claire finds herself on the plane in midair, trying to help everyone wake up. And then the episode ends with a crash.

Of course, my new second favorite hero or anti-hero, Sylar, can not be caught by mere futuristic tasers. He is the only one that is able to defend himself and of course, tear off one of the goons' skull caps in the process (his dirty little trademark). Got to love Sylar. At least he's the only one free at the moment. I can't wait till next week!

Okay, for the translation, please google, "Heroes for Dummies" to see if such a manual exists or just watch older clips on NBC.com and tune into Heroes next monday on NBC.

Friday, January 23, 2009



Richard JenkinsTHE VISITOR
Frank LangellaFROST/NIXON
Sean PennMILK

Josh BrolinMILK
Philip Seymour HoffmanDOUBT

Angelina JolieCHANGELING
Meryl StreepDOUBT
Kate WinsletTHE READER

Amy AdamsDOUBT
Viola DavisDOUBT









The Baader Meinhof Complex
The Class
Waltz With Bashir



"Down to Earth"WALL-E


La Maison en Petits Cubes






WALL-EBack to Top

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Words-The Presidential Inauguration


Reverence, Jubilation-These are just two of many words that I have tried to use to express how I felt today seeing Barack H. Obama, the first African-American person to be sworn in as the President of the United States of America. How I really feel can not be measured by the limit of mere words. I wasn't alive when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech but I remember reciting excerpts as a child in school and watching it on television. To see this ground breaking speech occur at the same Reflection Pool in our nation's capital over four decades ago and to witness (on television) The Dream realized in the embodiment of President Barack Obama is awe inspiring.

The moment that President Obama took his oath (really at 12pm when he automatically became President) is bigger then anyone on Planet Earth can imagine. Obama being elected President of the United States of America, a country built not only on religious freedom but racism and torture at its worst is bigger than him. It shows us all that Americans are ready to Change their closed-minded, ignorant outlook on life. As President Obama mentioned in his inauguration speech, all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness. Why should people exact their ignorant ideals, such as prejudice and racism, upon others who only want to lead happy lives. Why should those make the lives of such miserable for no reason. When people spend their time hating others for their differences, they don't realize that they are also robbing themselves of happiness by wallowing in the self-hatred of their mental prison.

I think that Americans are ready to look beyond their self made borders and explore the possibilities of a bright future with people's of many cultures, many ideas, many colors. This is what America was supposed to be built on. I believe this is what America is ready to prove itself to be.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seven Pounds of Tears

by Ambrosia

I saw Will Smith in his latest film, “Seven Pounds”. We are all well aware of Mr. Smith’s acting prowess which seems to be growing with every dramatic role he plays. His performance was so superb in this installment that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was nominated for an Oscar. With that said, now I can get to the nitty gritty. I was not very excited to write a review about “Seven Pounds” because for one-I can not review it without spoiling the ending for people who have not seen it already (a sin in Hollywoodville) and two-It was oh so depressing.

I loved Will’s performance and the film was written and directed brilliantly, but I cried and cried and then cried some more when I thought I was finished. In my humble opinion, this is not the kind of film I want to sit down and enjoy in these Depressing times. The media keeps saying that we are in a Recession but when they continuously compare the numbers of this economic crisis to the Great Depression, we have to face reality. We are in a Depression! During the Great Depression, comedy relief was needed and that was all that you saw in theaters and on stage. We need Comedic Intervention in these times, not more depression. If we want to cry, all we have to do is turn on the news or look at our bank statements. We don’t need help in that arena. And then someone had the bright idea of releasing this film on Christmas Day. Oh, Happy Day! I’m sorry but I just had to get that off my chest. If “Seven Pounds” came out early in 2008, when we were all still oblivious to the under the table Wall Street wheeling and dealing, I would probably have a different view. “Seven Pounds” displays the good and bad of the human spirit; A great movie but wrong timing for me. I need a comedy fix. Where's Charlie Chaplin when you need him...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Desperate Times Call For Despereaux

Still tired from staying up late, waiting for the New Year’s arrival, I ventured out the next day in 18 degree weather looking like something from ‘Dawn of the Dead’, just to take my daughter (who never forgets promises) to see “The Tale of Despereaux”. As you can imagine, I was not excited at all. I already made up my mind to slink into the worn, stained cushioned seats of the movie theater to try to catch some z’s that escaped me the night before. The film moved slowly at first as my head nodded in between scenes. But then I saw something that caught my attention – It was Despereaux; The cute little mouse with abnormally large ears and an even bigger heart.

‘Despereaux’ is an adaptation from the children’s novel, "The Tale of Despereaux" by Kate DiCamillo. I am not familiar with the work but some critics have said that the film does not follow the novel enough (for ex. Despereaux should have a French accent but dons an American twang instead). This may very well be true but the underlying moral of the film is very much needed in these desperate times we are living in and it is so important, it supersedes the confines of literary – to – film adaptation. The moral simply put at the end-Sometimes people who are hurt, hurt others. And then that one hurts another one and so on and so forth.

With a spider web of misunderstandings and pain, rain stopped falling and color was drained from the once happy and bustling Kingdom of Dor. This all began when the Queen was frightened to death by a gentle rat named Roscura who was innocently passing through when he accidently fell into her bowl of soup. From that point on, the grief stricken King banned soup along with rats and anyone harboring rats. Their daughter Princess Pea became engulfed in sorrow as she lost her mom and essentially her father who simply sat in anguish day after day. She became bitter and took this misery out on her maiden, Miggory Sow, an overweight young lady about her age who longed to be a princess. Miggory Sow then took her frustration out on the princess. Throughout the movie you will see distressing ties such as this.

Every adult who has felt pain will be able to relate to the story line. Children on the other hand will not understand the deeper lessons unless a parent explains it to them. One thing that is clear to everyone is the bravery, decency and nobility of Despereaux that shines through as he is bent, against all odds, in making everything right. The adaptation to film may not be perfect and the story telling may not be crisp but the “Tale of Despereaux” leaves the moviegoer feeling that there is some hope left for mankind and its many wars and misunderstandings. Quoting the ending in part, ‘Remember when I said there is nothing greater than grief. I was wrong. There is…Forgiveness.’ I'm glad I got out of the house to see this one. You will be too.