Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Honey’s Must Haves for Fall/Winter ’08

Hello Darlings,

Just a quick note:

Fall is quickly approaching and the catwalks this past spring were overflowing with items that the fabulously minded just cannot do without, or must not do The hanger ladies strutted garments of incredible elegance to obscure delights to draped minimalism...hmmm?! All of course, well worth drooling over, ah pardonnez-moi...(but don’t take my word for it check out some of the links below.) So - keeping in mind that some trends come, some trends go, and some are simply timeless and knowing the economy is in a funk (for some people), I figured some of you will be shopping wisely. Listed below are five musings that will allow you to update your wardrobe without breaking the piggy. Besides, some of the fall trends are not suitable for everyone, so my list will cover all body types, bank account sizes and the fashionably challenged.

Epiphany recommends...

  1. The Textured Coat (ie: plaid, tweed or layered loops)
  2. Woven Leather Purse (not to large as large plus heavy equals back/shoulder problems)
  3. Anything Lace, (ie: Dress, Shirt, Skirt)
  4. A Sheath &/or Shift Dress (Architectural & Minimal)
  5. Any Garment/Accessory in Shocking Hues/Patterns, (ie: Electric Blues, Purples or Golds)

Don’t forget if the regular stores are too pricey, there’s always the outlets. Happy Hunting!

Links to sites that encompass the above list:

Truly Trendy Info:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Honey To My Ears



This past Friday, I attended a private party in New York City exclusively for members of the John Legend Network. While waiting on the line outside (and thank God that the heat wave finally let up on that day), I observed a cameraman going around asking fans what they think of John Legend. Unfortunately, they didn’t come my way. Maybe they thought my silver metallic halter top would interfere with their electronics. If they did ask for my opinion, I would have said in part that John Legend is a refreshing blast from the past to today’s music industry which seems to be inundated with coked out cookie cut outs. I probably would have been edited out of their program anyway.

At any rate, the line moved in quickly and smoothly and soon enough I realized that everything from that point on would be highly organized without being military like. The first thing I saw as I ascended a staircase was a group of people selling John Legend memorabilia where proceeds would go to his “Show Me Campaign” to aid the hungry and ailing in Africa; Quite a noble, difficult and much needed undertaking. This lends to the artist's character.

As I opened the glass doors off to the side, I realized, ‘It’s a party!’ A DJ was ‘spinning’ party jams on his Sony VAIO. Under the dim lights and between the hot pink lit VIP areas, everyone waited while being served fantastic hors d'oeuvres and champagne for their premier piano playing songster, John Legend. Within an hour he hit the stage and mixed his oldie but goodies with his new tunes which have never been heard by the public. From what I heard, it sounds like his upcoming album entitled, “EVOLVER” will be a bigger hit than his previous album, “ONCE AGAIN”.

Forgive me but I can not remember the titles of these songs but I recall one in particular that was a ballad about Peace on Earth. It brought back memories of “We are the World”. There was a point when John did a piano solo where I swear he became one with the instrument. The notes were dancing all around him like a dream as he closed his eyes and felt them. He thrilled the keys until they started to sound like harp strings. It was beautiful. Don’t be surprised if you hear this song during an Olympic flashback this year. When the album, “GREENLIGHT” finally comes out, be one of the first to enjoy John Legend’s music like I did Friday Night. Wow!

P.S. Check out my "My Muse" poem inspired by John's music...

Friday, July 25, 2008



Ambrosia’s Take 4

The second film adaptation of the Jules Verne classic, starring Brendan Fraser, is a great Sci Fi Adventure for the entire family. The film, riddled with scientific theories and jargon, actually made the features of the world within the world believable. I liked how this film was straight to the point in that there were no unnecessary scenes or characters. Thus the script was a tight one and the characters didn’t divert from their nature.

The action was appropriate, skating on that defining line between adolescence and adulthood. I was kind of leery about the whole 3-D element of it but was pleasantly surprised to see that the 3-D glasses actually looked like cool black shades made of a hard sturdy plastic as opposed to the old glasses made of cheap cardboard and green and red plastic lenses that had you seeing Christmas everywhere even after the movie ended. Also, the visuals through the glasses are much clearer and crisper, like 3-D in HD!

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” is an entertaining adventure and I recommend it for the whole family. It will have you believing and wanting to be part of the Journey!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Ambrosia's Take 3

Will I sign my ‘Hancock’ to this one? Sorry Will. Just the fact that the reigning Summer Blockbuster King, Will Smith, was starring in this film, made me want to go out and see it. Hark! The King disappointed me verily. This was one movie where I didn’t mind taking a bathroom break. Halfway through the film, I was hoping beyond hope that it would get better – but to no avail. Although the story was an interesting and unique one, it felt as though the screenplay was written by Junior High School students while they were rushing through the front doors to start summer vacation. No offense to Junior High School kids. There were so many corny lines and holes that I lost count and frankly, I reverted to counting the minutes til the end credits instead. “Hancock” had so much potential to be a hit, but it ended up hitting rock bottom for me.

I will not give away a thing for those who are still interested in seeing “Hancock”, but in the end, there was a cheap attempt at hinting to a possible franchise, whereas Part II would take place in New York City. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not New York!!!

Get some Etiquette ... Honey!

Seriously offended...again?
by Epiphany

I am not sure, but my trip last evening from work to home was quite eventful. As, I sat patiently waiting for the bus to arrive I glanced over to my left, to catch a lady with double D cups reach into her plunging neckline to adjust one of her breast that had fallen by the way side. Closing my eyes at this outrageous performance, I prayed the Etiquette Gods would be kind, but alas dear friends, it wasn't meant to be.

As I opened my eyes, the lady sitting next to me had a sudden and uncontrollable desire to share her saliva with the rest of us. She started spitting and did not stop. I was further disgusted and also near puke-point when my eyes caught another lady crossing the street wearing flip flops. Not odd you say, uh-huh ...but her feet were black from walking the streets. All I could think of was, has she been wearing those and walking for the last two weeks, or maybe... she was, dare I say it, walking barefoot...gosh, I hope not barefoot in New that's just scary.

I hoped my nightmare would end when the bus arrived, but it did not. I got on the crowed bus with everyone else. Desperate I know. No one would get up for the old lady with cane. I had to say something. It was outrageous. Then some guy wacks me with his wet umbrella and doesn't say sorry. Ok, I know the bus is crowded but that is no excuse.

Two stops later, the bus empties and I was finally getting past my frightful experiences. Then a young woman gets on the bus. She can't find her Metro card and sits down to retrieve it from her hand bag. She gets up to pay and whammo...there it is for all to see. Her butt was hanging out of the top of her jeans. Don't they sell belts anymore or jeans that fit for that matter?

I thought to myself, what has the world come to? Where have manners and respect for ourselves gone and goodness how many stops before I get off this uncouth ride? I wanted to close my eyes the rest of the way home, but that would just be dangerous, so I kept my eyes straight and ran all the way home.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ambrosia’s Take 2

JOKER’S WILD! The rumors are true my friends. Heath Ledger (may this talented giant rest in peace) has done the ultimate villain justice with his magnificent portrayal of him. He brought the criminally insane paranoid schitzophrenic that we love to hate and love, to life. Now I completely understand the Oscar buzz surrounding Heath Ledger’s performance and if he does win for best actor, it will be a well deserved posthumous honor as opposed to a pity gift. Now, this is not to take away from the great performance by Christian Bale. He is the best actor to ever grace the suit in my estimation. I was waiting for an actor like him to make the Batman believable with all his complexities wrapped up in a mysterious dark veil.

Every actor, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhall all gave great performances in this tremendous and best film in the Batman series ever made. I don’t want to give away too much but you will be blown away literally by the twists and turns. This is a must see. In a couple of weeks when most have experienced “The Dark Knight”, I will tackle some of the human issues raised. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fashion Honey

Seriously Offended!!
by Epiphany

I have to say I am not usually offended by people who break the rules of fashion. But when they blatantly and proudly parade this craziness for all to see - I must speak out. I understand that many people cannot afford to buy a lot of clothes, and it is certainly comprehensible if one can buy a minimum amount of separates and rotate them perfectly, leaving the viewing public fairly clueless. But to wear the same exact and I repeat the same exact outfit everyday is unacceptable. Even if you have twenty copies of it and a 24 hour dry cleaner.

It was very frustrating to pass a seemingly nice lady everyday for one year straight and watch her in her madness and then one day she just changed her clothes. I had plotted a major fashion intervention many times over in my mind and was elated to see her change, unfortunately, that only lasted a week. Life was almost back to normal (if you call that normal) when someone else caught this wild disease and displayed it before me. So now, I just don't know what to say really... except I hope it is not an epidemic.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bee Hive: What's Buzzing Around Your Head?

Should You Change To Get a Mate?
by Ambrosia

Internet articles, Advice Columns, “Self Help” Books and run of the mill Talk Shows all claim to know what you need to do to get a mate. They all start out by saying, ‘All women want…., All men want…’ I have been compelled by the Truth Fairy to tell you, Just Be Yourself! Not every man or woman is the same.

A man could enjoy collecting Barbies but can be straight as an arrow. A woman can find herself bungie jumping one weekend and sky diving the next. None of us are very predictable, and if you are, maybe it’s because you are sitting in a box society has meticulously designed for you. Boys don’t have to wear blues and girls don’t have to wear pinks no matter what you saw in your nursery.

You can be a heather grey jogging suit wearing, Big Mac eating, table top toe nail clipping, movie talker. Or a self-centered, diamond tiara donning, serial manicuring, money burning shoe hunter and there will be someone out there who will love this about you. We are full of variations, like the fishies in the sea. If you see the need to change, then by all means make changes but not to get a mate. Change for yourself.

Fashion Honey

Is Metallic the new Black?
by Epiph

What has our society come too? It seems something wonderful and shiny! Everywhere you turn, people are dressing to impress -- themselves that is. To explore and display the true Diva inside.

Like running wild and barefoot in a field of fresh daisies, fashion has flip-flopped in a good way. No longer are there mass dictations on what to wear and when to wear it. "Regular" people are wearing rhinestones and sequins to the office; the once very chic black has been replaced by bold vibrant hues that scream "Bonjour, Darling!" and wake us from our boring lives. Don't get me wrong, not everyone can pull off these looks, and some have even been downright scary and in desparate need of fashion intervention...ok digressing, but for the most part fashion has changed. The business has changed, the wearers have changed and society has changed.

A friend of mine (designer) commented recently, that fashion has become much more of a business rather than an unreachable commodity. Now, it is all about selling to every aspect of the market. Everywhere you turn a new - younger and hipper - designer emerges with the must have favorite. Older designers are catering to every age group and celebrity lines are multiplying like rabbits.

But with all this abundance of choice and no one putting us to shame for wearing jeans to a formal wedding, are we doomed to become a public who has no respect for appropriate dress? Is it that no one cares because everyone is making money? Are we too selfish for being comfortable or being fabulous everyday? Will this state of fashion freedom be written into our history books? Or will people get tired of thinking about what to wear and welcome the shiny jumpsuits in our sci-fi minds? I guess for now I may never know; I will just have to sit back and enjoy it. Welcoming the fashion escape like an old friend, indulging it like an oddball neighbor and humoring it like a clueless alien. So for those who dare to wear...KUDOS 'cause I just can't do it!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Money Honey

In our ailing economy, what are we to do? Here are a few tips on living frugally and even a little greener:

Take public transportation, walk or bike
Run Dishwashers for large loads only
Stick to One cup of coffee a day
Pack your own (healthy) Lunch
Change all Light Bulbs to long lasting energy efficient ones
Turn off all non-essential equipment or appliances

If you have great money saving tips or ideas, please feel free to share with the blogging community. Everyone will benefit from it.