Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are We Still Human?

"Are we human...?" This is a question that the relatively new popular rock group, "The Killers" pose in their latest song, "Human". But are we still human or have we Devolved into something else; something scarier; something not worthy of the word, 'humane'?

Now that the "Christmas spirit" of 2008 has descended upon us, the budget woes of our damaged economy has become even more apparent. As we dip into our pockets, we pull up lint if we're lucky or a dangerous plastic card with a slew of creditors hanging on to the edge like a barrell of monkeys, ready to make those harassing calls before we even ask the cashier to swipe or "blink". Be that as it may, why did hundreds of people herd themselves together like a pack of wildabeasts at Walmart in Long Island, New York on Black Friday? Why did they push the front doors out of their hinges that morning and trample a pregnant woman and when a 34 year old Walmart employee tried to help her, why did they trample him to death? When other employees tried to come to his rescue, why were they trampled also by the beasts? Was it all in the spirit of Christmas - a holiday that is supposed to revere the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God? So now, many had to go to the hospital for minor injuries, the pregnant woman gave birth prematurely and the good Samaritan who tried to come to her rescue is dead.

In Los Angeles, California, the Black Friday beasts rared their ugly head again when two women found themselves in a fight in Toys R Us of all places. The men with them joined in and started arguing amongst themselves when each one pulled out a gun to shoot the other one. The end result, they shot each other to death. Now it's possible that the children they were probably buying the toys for no longer have fathers; and just in time for Christmas. All in the name of a SALE!

These are just two little examples of the new trend of Devolution that is happening with the human race. I believe that not all people are like this, but they are swiftly becoming the vast majority as selfishness replaces selflessness. Principles, morals, ethics and simple regard for human life which you would think would come to us naturally, is becoming rare on a vast scale. Now I ask again, Are we still human? Or have we become something scarier? Something not worthy of the word, humane?

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