Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm so sorry 2008. You were good to me but I'm leaving you for something better - 2009 Baby!!! A bigger, better year is careening towards us in all its beautiful glory. Starting in Times Square with the full drop of a huge, silvery, twinkly ball ladened with hundreds of energy effecient light bulbs (I'm sure your happy Epiphany), the new year will be ushered in to us here on the East Coast. I'm oh so excited about 2009. I have only great plans for us and I know they will be fulfilled. I want to go back to school, preferably NYU to do the film/english thing. I want to finally get my license to drive. Hey Hey! Don't knock me. Come to NYC and you'll understand the reason why I've been avoiding this. But no longer will I be hampered down by fears. I will face them square in the face. Above all I wish for Happiness and Good Health for myself and my loved ones. With 2009 by my side, I only see positivity. I think this will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I wish everyone a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!!!! Oh yeah, no more Grey Goose interludes for me. : - )

What do you have planned for 2009?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Aimlessness of 2008

by epiphany

I walk aimlessly down the street
going here, going there
nowhere in particular
and nowhere to be
of course, truth not
I know exactly
where I am suppose
to be
can't seem to reach
over bearing personalities
I am here, where
no where!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Slytherin Princess-My Ode to Harry Potter

by Ambrosia
Dendera Arden, the infamous first wife of Lucius Malfoy and the ever-loving mother of Draco. A fascinating woman stuck in a web of manipulation, lies and love. She is truly a walking masterpiece. Her eyes, like the most polished lapis lazuli possessing the power to draw souls into them with a silent hypnotic song. Her skin, smooth and warm brown like caramel heated on a wintery night. And her hair, as white as Lucius’; she always keeps it upswept, some rebellious strands always swaying against her carved face. It used to be a golden brown, like fallen leaves turning beautiful as they died but Lucius’ found a way to turn it white as crumbling headstones. Her smile, so compelling and yet hiding so much pain…the battle within herself; her Slytherin self. We first met her at Hogwarts two decades ago…

…Newcomer in the house of Slytherin in its second year. She was but thirteen years of age and quite awkward to say the least. She used to trip on little things like pencils and compasses; so much so that other students would strategically place these items as well as a whole host of others in her pathway to get a good laugh. They would also put bugs from Professor Snippet’s Entomology class in her jungle-like hair and get a kick out of watching them try to escape. Young Lucius would laugh along with everyone else but he would never take part in the teasing. Sometimes, when he thought they were going too far, he would put a spell on them to make them itch or make them lose all control of their bowels; whatever tickled his fancy on a given day.

Dendera’s first few months were certainly trying ones. She would spend most of her time in her dorm room studying and crying. After time, she finally learned that crying never stopped the teasing. So after a while, she started laughing along with the bullies when they would target her. She did this continuously until it was no longer fun to bother her. They eventually stopped altogether and began to appreciate her for her fun-loving personality that she was hiding for so long, and also for her intelligence which she honed from studying alone for so long; Her aptitude especially in the realm of the Dark Arts. By the beginning of her third year, she became popular for these attributes as opposed to her old awkwardness. As she got used to the halls of Hogwarts and the familiar faces and her growing body, she became much less awkward. She would still succumb to a few trips here and there but who hasn’t. At age sixteen, she was able to actually see the woman in her that she would eventually grow to be. Her inner beauty started to shine through steadily. Her two closest friends, Amelda and Brama were always by her side as support. Amelda, the more outgoing of the three, had an idea one night to transform Dendera and get her out of her shell completely.

It was the night of the Harvest Moon Dance and once again, Dendera had no plans of attending.
“I’ve never danced with a boy before”. She protested.
“Come on!” Coaxed Amelda. “It will be fun. You don’t have to dance with a boy!”
“What if one asks me?” Amelda and Brama looked at each other in silence and then cracked it with laughter.
“No one is going to ask you to dance looking like that.” Brama says.
Amelda’s laughter starts to whimper to a smile. Then, an energy efficient light bulb appeared over her head, literally. “Let’s give you a change. Make you into the belle of the ball…No that is so old and corny. Make you into the Slytherin Princess!”
“Yes. A make over. I love makeovers!” Proclaims Brama.
“Then let’s do it!”
“No No No!” Dendera says.
“Come on. It will be fun!” The girls join hands and do a circle dance around Dendera chanting, “Slytherin Princess, Slytherin Princess…Who’s going to the dance…Slytherin Princess!”
“You guys are so corny. The dance starts in two hours. All of the Dark Arts in the world can’t make me into….whatever you want to make me into.
“Dark Arts..Yes!” Amelda yelling. “What is that spell that turns animals and people stiff again? I want to make that puffy rug on your head straight for the first time.”
“Look. That spell only works on living things. Hair is dead, remember.” Dendera reminds her.
“Okay. Well then, we’ll just have to make it come alive.”
“What?!” Ambrosia yells out frightened.
“Don’t get your diapers in a knot. I’m talking about with hair products and junk like that. Brama…let us begin”. They dive into Dendera’s hair like two mad surgeons.

The Spirit Hall, where the gala event was taking place, was decked with four wooden tables with the runners donning the colors of all four houses. All kinds of treats were set on the tables that were placed against the walls, leaving space for the dance floor. It was classically lit with hues of orange and gold, mirroring the appearance of the huge harvest moon, which looked as if it was going to drop through the glass ceiling of the Hall. The stars flickered brightly this night more than any night all around the moon and reflected their brilliance on the dance floor and the grounds of Hogwarts. It was truly magical. The sounds of all kinds of chatter lit up the hall. A live band played soft classical music at the front. Everyone was having a joyous time and the turn out seemed a lot better than it was last year. The Hall was practically full. It was two hours into the party and young Lucius Malfoy, with short white hair and black suit, bored, was about to leave with his friends when…..

…Dendera Arden entered.

She was wearing a shimmering baby blue halter-topped dress with her golden brown hair let loose in skinny ringlets from a side part all down her shoulders and back. It was like her hair was the moon and her eyes were the stars. No one really knew she had blue eyes until tonight. Everyone turned to stare at this surprising beauty, from Lucius to Tom Riddle – now infamously known as Voldemort. She felt extremely uncomfortable feeling all the eyes on her. The awkwardness began to make a reappearance. She slightly lifted her gown so that she wouldn’t trip and kept her head down looking at her feet make every step. Hoping that she didn’t fall as she has done so many times before, she kept saying in her head, “Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall.” She finally made it down to the last step. She felt triumphant as she looked up with a big smile on her face. To her surprise, everyone was still watching her gawking. She wondered, ‘Oh no. What is wrong with me?’
Then she felt a hand touch hers. As she quickly looked up, she saw it was Tom Riddle; so handsome in his black suit with his dark hair and dark brown eyes. Every girl dreamed of being on this rebellious boys arm; even Dendera’s friend, Amelda.
“Would you like to dance Dendera? He asked. Before she could answer, he whisked her away unto the dance floor and reveled in her beauty and the fact that everyone was now watching THEM. Lucius watched from a distance in dismay. He started heading out of the Hall even faster.

“Where are you going?” Professor Ticklywinks asked.

“I’m done with the night.” Lucius says.

“The night is not over. We still have the last dance. It is said that for the most part, whoever dances the last dance together on this harvest moon night will become a couple in the future, indeed. ” The Headmaster reveals.

Lucius didn’t know if this was an ‘old wives tale’ or reality, but he found himself looking over at Dendera dancing with Tom Riddle. He beat him when she entered, but Lucius was determined to beat him to the last dance.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are We Still Human?

"Are we human...?" This is a question that the relatively new popular rock group, "The Killers" pose in their latest song, "Human". But are we still human or have we Devolved into something else; something scarier; something not worthy of the word, 'humane'?

Now that the "Christmas spirit" of 2008 has descended upon us, the budget woes of our damaged economy has become even more apparent. As we dip into our pockets, we pull up lint if we're lucky or a dangerous plastic card with a slew of creditors hanging on to the edge like a barrell of monkeys, ready to make those harassing calls before we even ask the cashier to swipe or "blink". Be that as it may, why did hundreds of people herd themselves together like a pack of wildabeasts at Walmart in Long Island, New York on Black Friday? Why did they push the front doors out of their hinges that morning and trample a pregnant woman and when a 34 year old Walmart employee tried to help her, why did they trample him to death? When other employees tried to come to his rescue, why were they trampled also by the beasts? Was it all in the spirit of Christmas - a holiday that is supposed to revere the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God? So now, many had to go to the hospital for minor injuries, the pregnant woman gave birth prematurely and the good Samaritan who tried to come to her rescue is dead.

In Los Angeles, California, the Black Friday beasts rared their ugly head again when two women found themselves in a fight in Toys R Us of all places. The men with them joined in and started arguing amongst themselves when each one pulled out a gun to shoot the other one. The end result, they shot each other to death. Now it's possible that the children they were probably buying the toys for no longer have fathers; and just in time for Christmas. All in the name of a SALE!

These are just two little examples of the new trend of Devolution that is happening with the human race. I believe that not all people are like this, but they are swiftly becoming the vast majority as selfishness replaces selflessness. Principles, morals, ethics and simple regard for human life which you would think would come to us naturally, is becoming rare on a vast scale. Now I ask again, Are we still human? Or have we become something scarier? Something not worthy of the word, humane?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Haiku ramblings

by Epiphany

Cities alive

The haze of abundance

A fool's Utopia

What is Love?

Elation, Pain, Heart, Life, Death


Cultures blooming bright

a melting pot of figures

New York City Life

A bird of prey

Beautiful and delicate

Nature dangerous

The Earth's reflection

in of itself anytime

...limbo, man, nature