Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ambrosia, Epiphany and our crew, The Red Round Group, participated in the New York City Midnight, Movie Making Madness film race two weekends ago. The premise of the race was to create a film, under 4 minutes long in 24 hours. Sounds easy enough right? Anyone could take something they filmed before and just submit it, right? Uhhhh, Not exactly. A theme and a specific action that all participants had to include were emailed at exactly 10pm on Friday, October 3rd. The Theme: ‘Free’. The Action: ‘Plugging a plug into a wall socket’. Needless to say, all potential cheaters were cut off at the pass. When I heard the theme, I thought, ‘Hmmm. What a timely subject.’ The Action: Plugging a plug into a wall socket - ‘Interesting’. After three story lines, we settled on one and penned it, “Tomorrow”. After the film was done and set in the proper format, we were supposed to race downtown Brooklyn and submit it in Heath Ledger’s pub where the NYC Film Race people awaited. The Red Round Group was happily on schedule until we ran into a snag. The only problem of the day was during the transfer of film footage onto DVD. I regret to say that because of that malfunction, we missed the deadline which was 10pm. We were so disappointed, but the upside is that we were left with a beautiful short short, in my opinion. Since we didn’t make the contest, we pulled the plug on the ‘plugging of the plug into the wall socket scene’.

The film tackles a subject that could be looked at from numerous angles. We commend everyone who worked on this project. Please check out our film,“Tomorrow” to the left of this article. Feel free to share your opinions. Enjoy!

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