Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Crushed American Dream

by Epiphany

Well crazy thoughts of politics kept me up last night. The constant berage of BS on television and in the newspapers as well as in my e-mail box is making me a little fed up. I am sick of the so called political rat race to the White House and the negativity that is soaking this country, that I had to finally come out and give my honest opinion on who I would vote for in the upcoming election. I would vote for... neither candidate. Why, has nothing to do with them as people or whether they would do a good job but more about America and what is killing her.

America is seriously broken and no matter who is elected into office, there will be an immense struggle for the next four years and beyond to fix her. I know what you are thinking; it can be done...it could happen with the right person in place. Liberals and Democrats alike are saying, come on we have a fresh face on the horizon, a man of color who will lead us out of the jungle and into the promise land. Oh and by the way, Americans are not racists. The Republicans and Conservatives have chosen to ride with the warrior waving the american flag and eating momma’s pie; a man who they feel has seen it all and would know what to do. But who is the really qualified? Does it really matter in the end since these people are just puppets controlled by their respective parties. Let’s face it, the nomination process was the real test. Neither party chose strong candidates to represent them. The two-face, power hungry control freak didn’t make the cut, nor did they chose the angel face with the ambigious religious beliefs. Why, because they would not be easily controlled and they have agendas beyond belief.

We all know that out West, no one has a real opinion on who they would vote for and if they did they wouldn’t voice it. Most of the people etc., who move out there to make a difference just end up looking like and acting like everyone else around them. Straight from the script and jumping on the bandwagon of anyone that hands out the biggest jobs/paychecks. No waves there. Middle America is desparate for jobs and an infusion of financial assistance. They are going to vote for the one that talks pretty and promises a lot. East coast folks think they know it all, so it doesn’t matter who they vote for it must be the right choice. The Southerners, well they have to believe in the one who will protect their resources and their immigrants and Midwesterners... are just happy, you betcha.

If they, the candidates, both feel that they could fix the broken spots of America, why don’t these two join together, combine their resources, compromise on the important issues, take all the money that they are raising through and for their campaign to spend on advertsing and smearing and put it towards a good cause...America the Great, America the Beautiful. Can you imagine what a difference that would make. A day would come where they, our leaders would stand as a unified front and take care of business as they should. It is time to stop blaming each other and start creating real solutions across the board. America has a love-hate relationship with the rest of the world and unfortuantely with itself.

I know, I know you’re saying, stop dreaming, because egos just don’t do things like that. Your right and we will forever find ourselves coming back to the same position again and again. History’s a learning tool, no? Whew, on that note I will end here. I do not profess to be a political guru, I will just say this is only my humble opinion.

Good Luck next month!

Photo credit: Election Time by Asylum Orange at www.deviantart.com

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Wow! Very strong theories, you betcha!