Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In the vast, dry desert expanse called TV Land, a hero has finally emerged to save us all from the week night humdrum. And not just one hero, a whole host of them! The season premier of “Heroes” kicked off on NBC on Monday night after a long hiatus. My favorite hit show, which was originally intended to air for one season, finally returned with an explosive two hour rescue that did not disappoint. What I love about “Heroes” is that every character is interesting, regardless if they are friend or foe. Even after a character is killed off, my interest in them never wanes and I am left wondering if they would ever return. Fortunately, some of those stiffs do return. When resurrecting a character, there is a fine line between Soap Opera bath scum and genius. “Heroes” is genius. It is so wonderfully written that bringing back the dead and other fantastical events blend smoothly into the script.

The theme of the first season was “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World”. This line donned many a T-shirt and button. I must admit that I too am in possession of a cute little camisole (it was a gift). Anyway, this season’s focus is on “Villians” and in the premier, it is clear that the glass wall between the heroes and the villains is no longer clear. It seems to me that the first episode is a set up to a reversal of roles. Many questions have been raised already. Who really is Mama Petrelli and is there any limit to her understated evil? What in the world is happening to Suresh? Is Sylar being brain washed to work for the “Paper Company”? Why isn’t Claire feeling any pain anymore and what did Sylar mean when he said that she is more special than the others? How many personalities does Nikki have really? When will the Peter Petrelli of the present get out of that insane criminal’s body that his future self trapped him in? Will Hiro find the other half of the stolen secret formula in Germany on his quest to locate the girl who can travel at the speed of sound? Ahhhhhhh. It’s going to be so much fun finding out these answers. If you have never watched “Heroes”, please give it a try. It will save you.

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I just LOVE Heroes!!! Great Article