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NYC Midnight Creative Writing 2008 Competition 1st Round Challenge

Epiphany entered the NYC Midnight Creative Writing 2008 Competition. This is her first round entry into the challenge. The genre: Drama/Location must: Bowling Alley/Object to include: Stapler...check out her story:

5_The Trophy

The whole town was there rooting for the underdogs. Suddenly the blaring country music was lowered and the crowd stood still. The owner of Lone Star Lanes, Ed Murphy, was drunk and taunting the other team as he did every year. His team “The Murphies” always won against the Skinners and he had already picked out a spot in the office for his new trophy. In this small town folks looked forward to bowling on Tuesday nights, so this was serious business.

The winning bowl fell to Ed’s trophy wife Gina-Rae. She rolled a 7-10 split or bedposts and ran up to Ed in dismay.

“Oh no, Eddie look!” she exclaimed unable to hide her nervousness.

Ed leaned over and whispered in her ear. She smiled and as she walked away, he smacked her ass and winked. Everyone was hoping that she threw a gutter ball, then maybe the Skinners would win this year; That and the fact that they had a new guy on the team named Robert. He had only been here for six months but was a damn good bowler.

Gina-Rae stood there with the ball under her chin concentrating hard. She was mighty pretty but not the brightest gal around. The only reason she was on the team was because she wore the shortest cut off jeans in town and Ed hoped it would distract the other players. Her arm swing was actually good and the ball rolled straight for the 10 pin. Gina-Rae stood at the foul line waiting, praying her ball would make it to the end and hit the pins,

‘cause Eddie would be a bear if it didn’t,” she thought.

The intense crash of ball and pin came so quick that no one noticed how easily both of them fell. She picked up the spare. The Murphies won again and the crowd sighed as another year passes without a different winner. Ed stood there screaming with his arms up in the air.

“That’s my girl...come here honey!” He cried grabbing his wife and sloppily kissing her then smacking her butt again.

“Hey everybody, drinks are on me.”

Looking at her again he says, “Good girl darlin’ ”.

“Stop it, Eddie, I’m no dog and you’re drunk.”
She pulled away, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and headed for the restrooms.

Someone turned the music back up and the party started. In all the excitement, no one noticed the janitor climbing out from the pin area at the end of the lane. No one except Robert.

'So that’s how he wins every year, damn cheater.' He thought.

Ed Murphy in all his glory headed to bar to gloat and serve drinks. He wasn’t actually spending any money since he owned the place but losing or not, the leaguers decided to take him up on his offer of free drinks. Its about the only thing that made losing worth it - free beer. Robert grabbed an ice cold bottle from the bar and settled back to watch the scene.

'These people are so clueless.' He thought. 'I cannot wait for his gig to be up so I could get out of this hell of a Hicksville.'

Just then Gina-Rae walked from the restrooms to the adjacent office. Robert followed. She was about the only good thing in this town and he was happy to have her confidence. She didn’t feel him sneak up on her until he kissed her neck. She jumped.

“Oh Bobby, not now, Eddie’s in the next room, and you know how he gets.”

“I know, but he’s busy celebrating his great cheaters victory.” He whispers in her ear and runs the cold beer bottle edge up and down her arm.
Gina-Rae breaks away.

“Don’t forgot you promised to take me out of here when you leave. I’m sick of this place.”

“I didn’t forget.” He says reassuringly.

“Anyway, it won’t be that much longer, I promise, okay."

He lifted her chin and their eyes met. He was slowly moving her against the desk and reaching into her shirt when she noticed someone approaching, she pushed him away and motioned for him to hide. Robert maneuvered himself behind the door just as Ed busted in.

“What are you doing in here and who were you talkin’ to?” He said accusingly.

“Eddie please. You're drunk and hallucinating. There ain’t no one here to talk to.” She retorts.

Ed goes over to the window and looks out. He likes to admire his truck every chance he gets, another shiny trophy. Gina-Rae picks up the beer that was sitting at the edge of the desk and takes a sip.

“You know I don’t like anyone in my office. This is where I keep my prized possessions.” He says turning from the window and pointing at the trophies. “Besides you should be at my side celebrating your win.” Looking down at the desk and running her finger over the back of the stapler, Gina-Rae tries to get rid of him.

“Eddie you know damn well that I didn’t make that pin fall down, better hope no one figures out the game is rigged.” She sounded bitter.

Ed grabs her jaws with one hand and gets so close she could smell his foul breath.

“Don’t cross me Gina-Rae. I always get what I want no matter what, and I want you at my side.” He grabs her arm and moves her to the door, “Now let’s go celebrate!”

"Ow you’re hurting me, let go Eddie!” She starts sobbing and yanks her arm violently from his grip.

“Look pull yourself together and I wanna see ya smilin’, you hear! See ya in a minute.” Ed storms out of the room and slams the door.

Gina breathes a sigh of relief.

“You had better go.” She says to Bobby "and use the window”. She fluffs out her hair, fixes her clothes and walks back into the bowling alley.

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