Friday, August 29, 2008

Brooklyn Streets

By Epiphany

traffic jams
people dart in and out
beyond jaywalking
cars screech to a halt

everyone’s in a hurry
places they gotta be
the crosswalks are full
before the walk sign goes green

running red lights
running on empty
it is the wrong attitude
but everyone does it
something bad may happen
begging for years of servitude

road rage is there
the burdens drivers carry
the heaviest of cargo
just waiting to explode

the melting pot
that’s Brooklyn
diverse and complicated
pollution’s haze
life striving in nature,
people in a maze

submerged in the sea of city life
not a neighbor who cares
good citizens are ruined
soon after moving here

we love, can’t leave it
addiction with cheaper seats
Ahhh, the city life
Brooklyn, that what it be

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