Sunday, July 27, 2008

Honey To My Ears



This past Friday, I attended a private party in New York City exclusively for members of the John Legend Network. While waiting on the line outside (and thank God that the heat wave finally let up on that day), I observed a cameraman going around asking fans what they think of John Legend. Unfortunately, they didn’t come my way. Maybe they thought my silver metallic halter top would interfere with their electronics. If they did ask for my opinion, I would have said in part that John Legend is a refreshing blast from the past to today’s music industry which seems to be inundated with coked out cookie cut outs. I probably would have been edited out of their program anyway.

At any rate, the line moved in quickly and smoothly and soon enough I realized that everything from that point on would be highly organized without being military like. The first thing I saw as I ascended a staircase was a group of people selling John Legend memorabilia where proceeds would go to his “Show Me Campaign” to aid the hungry and ailing in Africa; Quite a noble, difficult and much needed undertaking. This lends to the artist's character.

As I opened the glass doors off to the side, I realized, ‘It’s a party!’ A DJ was ‘spinning’ party jams on his Sony VAIO. Under the dim lights and between the hot pink lit VIP areas, everyone waited while being served fantastic hors d'oeuvres and champagne for their premier piano playing songster, John Legend. Within an hour he hit the stage and mixed his oldie but goodies with his new tunes which have never been heard by the public. From what I heard, it sounds like his upcoming album entitled, “EVOLVER” will be a bigger hit than his previous album, “ONCE AGAIN”.

Forgive me but I can not remember the titles of these songs but I recall one in particular that was a ballad about Peace on Earth. It brought back memories of “We are the World”. There was a point when John did a piano solo where I swear he became one with the instrument. The notes were dancing all around him like a dream as he closed his eyes and felt them. He thrilled the keys until they started to sound like harp strings. It was beautiful. Don’t be surprised if you hear this song during an Olympic flashback this year. When the album, “GREENLIGHT” finally comes out, be one of the first to enjoy John Legend’s music like I did Friday Night. Wow!

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