Monday, July 14, 2008

Money Honey

In our ailing economy, what are we to do? Here are a few tips on living frugally and even a little greener:

Take public transportation, walk or bike
Run Dishwashers for large loads only
Stick to One cup of coffee a day
Pack your own (healthy) Lunch
Change all Light Bulbs to long lasting energy efficient ones
Turn off all non-essential equipment or appliances

If you have great money saving tips or ideas, please feel free to share with the blogging community. Everyone will benefit from it.



Anonymous said...

Use the Library for books and movies

Desertrose said...

Turn off appliances and UNPLUG them. Energy is still being used once the circuit is not broken. Also, only buy Veggies and Fruits in season. When they are in season, they are in abundance and thus cheaper, so no matter how much you crave it, don't find yourself buying a Mango in the fall.