Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Honey’s Must Haves for Fall/Winter ’08

Hello Darlings,

Just a quick note:

Fall is quickly approaching and the catwalks this past spring were overflowing with items that the fabulously minded just cannot do without, or must not do The hanger ladies strutted garments of incredible elegance to obscure delights to draped minimalism...hmmm?! All of course, well worth drooling over, ah pardonnez-moi...(but don’t take my word for it check out some of the links below.) So - keeping in mind that some trends come, some trends go, and some are simply timeless and knowing the economy is in a funk (for some people), I figured some of you will be shopping wisely. Listed below are five musings that will allow you to update your wardrobe without breaking the piggy. Besides, some of the fall trends are not suitable for everyone, so my list will cover all body types, bank account sizes and the fashionably challenged.

Epiphany recommends...

  1. The Textured Coat (ie: plaid, tweed or layered loops)
  2. Woven Leather Purse (not to large as large plus heavy equals back/shoulder problems)
  3. Anything Lace, (ie: Dress, Shirt, Skirt)
  4. A Sheath &/or Shift Dress (Architectural & Minimal)
  5. Any Garment/Accessory in Shocking Hues/Patterns, (ie: Electric Blues, Purples or Golds)

Don’t forget if the regular stores are too pricey, there’s always the outlets. Happy Hunting!

Links to sites that encompass the above list:

Truly Trendy Info:

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