Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get some Etiquette ... Honey!

Seriously offended...again?
by Epiphany

I am not sure, but my trip last evening from work to home was quite eventful. As, I sat patiently waiting for the bus to arrive I glanced over to my left, to catch a lady with double D cups reach into her plunging neckline to adjust one of her breast that had fallen by the way side. Closing my eyes at this outrageous performance, I prayed the Etiquette Gods would be kind, but alas dear friends, it wasn't meant to be.

As I opened my eyes, the lady sitting next to me had a sudden and uncontrollable desire to share her saliva with the rest of us. She started spitting and did not stop. I was further disgusted and also near puke-point when my eyes caught another lady crossing the street wearing flip flops. Not odd you say, uh-huh ...but her feet were black from walking the streets. All I could think of was, has she been wearing those and walking for the last two weeks, or maybe... she was, dare I say it, walking barefoot...gosh, I hope not barefoot in New that's just scary.

I hoped my nightmare would end when the bus arrived, but it did not. I got on the crowed bus with everyone else. Desperate I know. No one would get up for the old lady with cane. I had to say something. It was outrageous. Then some guy wacks me with his wet umbrella and doesn't say sorry. Ok, I know the bus is crowded but that is no excuse.

Two stops later, the bus empties and I was finally getting past my frightful experiences. Then a young woman gets on the bus. She can't find her Metro card and sits down to retrieve it from her hand bag. She gets up to pay and whammo...there it is for all to see. Her butt was hanging out of the top of her jeans. Don't they sell belts anymore or jeans that fit for that matter?

I thought to myself, what has the world come to? Where have manners and respect for ourselves gone and goodness how many stops before I get off this uncouth ride? I wanted to close my eyes the rest of the way home, but that would just be dangerous, so I kept my eyes straight and ran all the way home.

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