Friday, July 25, 2008



Ambrosia’s Take 4

The second film adaptation of the Jules Verne classic, starring Brendan Fraser, is a great Sci Fi Adventure for the entire family. The film, riddled with scientific theories and jargon, actually made the features of the world within the world believable. I liked how this film was straight to the point in that there were no unnecessary scenes or characters. Thus the script was a tight one and the characters didn’t divert from their nature.

The action was appropriate, skating on that defining line between adolescence and adulthood. I was kind of leery about the whole 3-D element of it but was pleasantly surprised to see that the 3-D glasses actually looked like cool black shades made of a hard sturdy plastic as opposed to the old glasses made of cheap cardboard and green and red plastic lenses that had you seeing Christmas everywhere even after the movie ended. Also, the visuals through the glasses are much clearer and crisper, like 3-D in HD!

“Journey to the Center of the Earth” is an entertaining adventure and I recommend it for the whole family. It will have you believing and wanting to be part of the Journey!

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